Proclamation of Remembrance

This is a prayer to restore your inner peace and is best to be said out loud (if possible).  Say it with meaning and feeling. Say it with power,  confidence and compassion. Breath often and deeply… pausing to feel your intentions.

Claim it and Say it often.


 I call out to the highest beings of light and love

– Hear Me.

I call out to Earth and all Creation

– to the East, South, West, North, Above and Below

– Hear Me.

I call out to the Great Spirit, the Creator of all things, the Divine

– Hear Me.

Lift the shroud of forgetfulness

And dissolve the illusion

So I see clearly once more.

Return the enlightened truth

to my mind, my eyes, my heart and my whole being.

Restoring clarity within me

and awakening the Divine purpose of my soul.

Through all the veils, at all angles and curves,

in all spaces and all matter,

Let this be.

I claim my remembrance and I claim my Freedom

For I AM the breath of immense joy and

I AM the heartbeat of compassionate love.

I claim my remembrance and I claim my Freedom

For I AM the breath of immense joy and

I AM the heartbeat of compassionate love.

I claim my remembrance and I claim my Freedom

For I AM the breath of immense joy and

I AM the heartbeat of compassionate love.

And it is.

Blessed Be.


Increasing Discernment

ChakraAlignment-6x9-72dpiJust a note about the throat chakra energy… remember it’s all about communication. Not just speaking, but hearing too. The ears, mouth and throat are all involved and having strength in this energy center increases your discernment, enabling you to listen and understand more clearly.

This can really help if you’re having an important discussion or need to improve your communication with someone. In order to strengthen the throat charka, you need to start by aligning ALL the chakras. There’s a few recordings on my website (below) to make it easier.

Here are a few benefits of aligning our chakras and balancing our energy…
– Relieves stress and restores inner peace.
– Balances the emotions and reconnects us to the joys of life.
– Strengthens the immune system and the overall operations of the body. We literally get healthier.
– Improves concentration and memory.
– Raises your vibratory frequency for higher spiritual development.
– Enhances creativity and clears blockages.

Tingling Joy

Marveling at the gifts of life…

gratitude expands my lungs,

love overflows my heart

and deep peace fills my mind.

As this blessed blood, breath, and clarity

travel through the spaces and time of my body

 t-i-n-g-l-i-n-g  matter abounds

and Joy

is felt through my senses

as a physical experience.

A touch – radiating within and through

as I once again remember

Love singing in perfection

and waves of Laughter rolling through the universe.

Tears of appreciation fall from my eye,

in awe of the perfection always present.

I am blessed…

I am light.

Are You Interested in a Better Life?

now2Would you like to feel better, look younger and have more energy?  If so, come join me for this new class…

The Flow of Energy

Gain understanding how energy moves in our body and around us and how it affects everything we do. Also, learn the basics of the body’s energy system and how to quickly and align these energies centers (chakras) bringing more energy and balance to your life. The long term effects of this work is a healthier body, a clearer mind and a more loving experience with life and the results you achieve are completely up to you and the dedication you have to your inner joy.

door lightWould you like to feel more inner peace and less stress in your life? If so, come join me for this new class…

A Quiet Mind

Our mind can fill our days with doubts, worries, and fears. Regretting our  mistakes as the mind plays them in loop, over and over, sabotaging our inner peace. When you take the time to learn to quiet the mind and surrender to the beauty of the heart, you’ll find a different world. One full of beauty and love, full of mystery and fun. A quiet mind is a powerful mind as you gain the ability to focus it clearly in the direction you choose instead of being a slave to it’s persistent anxieties.  It does take practice, but it is much easier than you probably realize. A focused mind is a powerful way of life.

Sign up Now!

New classes in Raleigh, NC and Richlands, VA. When the signup list is full, a date, time and location will be set. If a specific day is best for you, let me know. I’m open to weeknights, Saturday or Sunday classes. 3hr class.

Talk to your friends and let me know how many spaces to reserve for you and many blessings on your journey.

in light, Aliya

How Are You

When you ask “How are you?” What do you mean? Do you really care about how the other person is feeling or are you just asking because it’s polite, because it’s expected.

In choosing a path of authenticity, I have come to realize the importance of this question. In getting to know you better, I ask this phrase often. This is what I mean when I say, “How are you?”  I mean, when you close your eyes and all the distractions melt away and you feel the center of your being. How are you?

It is about hearing you.  It’s about seeing what you’re seeing and feeling what you’re feeling. Because in learning where you are, I’m learning where we are in our process of awakening. You see, the things concerning you may be very similar to those concerning my other friends or my neighbors…. and if I could just find out what those are, perhaps I can help or at least know how to offer help.

If we would each take just a moment longer to find out how the people around us are feeling, how they are handling life, we could all help make a better world. So, next time you ask this question, let that person know that you really care and that you’d really like to know.

Touching the Mayan Land of my Ancestors

Aliya Yucantan

When you commit your existence to your spiritual path, it changes everything you value. It changes how you view time, how you view money, how you view people, life, death, love, joy, anger, intimacy,…. It changes everything.

When I heard the call to go to the Mayan world, I knew most people wouldn’t understand, but this calling was loud, deep within me, in the silence of my heart. It was a calling I couldn’t, I wouldn’t ignore. I felt it in my being, in every cell of my form and I have learned to listen to this heart of mine. It has become my most trusted friend, my most accurate guide and although I listen carefully, I also ask for confirmation to ensure I’m hearing clearly.

I didn’t ask anyone for advice or read a book on how to do this. There was no committee, no permit, no planning and no permission given. I let go of the fear and the judgments and I just listen and followed. I listened and trusted. I listened to love and I loved completely… with all of me, with no reservations. In the perfection of love, trust is where you live.

In Maya, I reached out and touched the rocks, the stones, the dirt, the sand and the heart of my ancestors. I felt the rhythm in the breath of the forest and I swam in the sacred underground waters of the land. I cried with the rain, I laughed with the rainbow and I sang with the pelican by the oceans edge.

I met the sacred guardians of the spaces and shared my respect and love. I met an abuser of power who thought to manipulate and surprised him with so much light he fell in love with life. Subtle and softly, powerfully loving. Without knowing where I was going – I was exactly where I should be. Each moment in perfection.

I found myself surrounded by such beauty, incredible harmony and at the same time everything was falling apart, only because everything is illusion. Meant for a time, not forever. Only love is forever.

I met amazing hearts and souls who sometimes betrayed everyone, mostly themselves. My heart reaching out to them in compassion for I see each of us on the same journey of discovery, just at different places and I remember how scary and painful those heavy places can seem.

I found answers in the silence, not in the location, because ‘there’ is almost like being ‘here’. It’s all the same, except for some subtle differences. Energetic layers activating my generational connection to the records of ages. I found what I was seeking inside of me. I knew it was there all along and I am grateful to every soul on my journey that helped me in gaining awareness.

As I come home again, there is no badge or certificate to show I succeeded. No applause, praise or proof to show anyone. I don’t get a new title or plate on the door. Perhaps you would like a cute story, but the truth would be lost with words. If we could link minds and hearts, then you would fully understand the healing, the love. I think I’ll wait until that day – it is sooner than you might expect. Until then you will see it in the way I walk, in the way I smile, in the way I love.

This journey was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done and the effect within me is deeper and more profound than I could ever explain. It’s this feeling that feeds my souls and lightens my heart. It’s this feeling I follow and listen to and I am more connected with myself, with the whole universe than I have ever felt in this life.

I am thankful for this gift. It’s within me and will always be mine and ours. With wings of light I’m riding these waves of joy and deep laughter in our hearts and souls. One day we’ll connect and share our love in the most intimate merging…

Love is what forever means….


Appalachian Arts Center offers Meditation

On Monday, December 9th & 16th, Appalachian Arts Center invites community members to discover the power of meditation in a group setting. Aliya Trinity will guide participants in a visual journey that will calm the mind, relieve anxiety, and gently connect individuals to a deep place of inner peace. The session will start at 5:30p.m. and last one hour. Participants should bring water, a yoga mat or blanket to sit or lie upon, and a pillow, if desired. Everyone is welcome and donations of any amount are accepted. 

Meditation is a tool that teaches the mind to be quiet, and within this quiet state, fear and pain are released, opening up new space for joy and tranquility. Meditation increases focus and productivity, reduces anxiety, enhances immune function, relaxes the nervous system,  improves memory, increases serotonin (affecting mood and behavior), lessens aggressiveness, helps eliminate bad habits, helps cure insomnia, reduces anger, increases listening skills, enables a more balanced personality, provides peace of mind, increases compassion, enhances wisdom, and deepens a person’s capacity to love self and others.  

Aliya Trinity has been guiding meditation experiences for 8 years. She opened and operated a holistic health center off the coast of North Carolina and has traveled extensively sharing meditation techniques in churches, holistic centers, and community centers. 

Please contact the Arts Center at 276-596-9188 or via email at for more information, or to register for the workshop. Appalachian Arts Center, a part of Southwest Virginia Community College, is located on Route 19 in the ‘Old Archie Helton Store’ – 2.5 miles south of Claypool Hill. Regular business hours are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 12:00- 6:00 p.m.; Thursday: 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.; and Saturday: 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. 

Overcoming Insomnia with Meditation

 Is your mind is so busy you can’t sleep?  Within the mind there are stories that run in circles and these stories are focused on your doubts, worries, anxieties, fears, short comings, pains & regrets. During the day, we can … Continue reading

Friday Night Meditation

Are you tired of a mind that doesn’t know how to be quiet?   Are you looking for your inner peace?   Would you like more clarity in your life?   Would you like to be happy –  to restore your inner joy?

Tomorrow night (Friday, Sept 13, 2013) I’ll be sharing a powerful technique for clearing your mind and moving into silence.  This is a gift for you – empowering you with new clarity in life.

An added benefit  – this technique raises your vibrational frequency. Instead of vibrating in the lower frequencies of pain & suffering, you move into more beautiful states of trust and love…. and it’s all for you.

  • If you’re out of town or unable to come, private appointments are available.  See more here.
  • If you’re interested in participating, be at my house at 6:30pm. Let me know if you need directions.  Also,  bring a fruit or veggie to share afterwards. You may also wish to bring a mat, blanket or pillow to increase your comfort.
 May all we touch know love,
Aliya Trinity