Overcoming Insomnia with Meditation

 Is your mind is so busy you can’t sleep? 

Within the mind there are stories that run in circles and these stories are focused on your doubts, worries, anxieties, fears, short comings, pains & regrets. During the day, we can distract ourselves through work, activities, television, books and more, however, when we try to sleep, the mind will demand attention. If your exhausted, you’ll get to sleep a few hours, but as soon as you’ve had the minimum rest, you will wake in the middle of the night with a very active mind. If you don’t know how to turn the mind off, you’re probably not going to get any (more) sleep.

If this happens to you, you understand how debilitating it can be. It affects your physical health, your daily performance and your mental stability. You become a work zombie, snapping at people, exhausted at your responsibilities and generally overwhelmed with life. In addition, your skin looks bad, your digestive system may get out of whack and maintaining a pleasant appearance is not a concern, because all you really want to do is find a place of peace and rest.

Meditation can overcome insomnia and get you the rest you deserve.

Thankfully, meditation can help. It’s a powerful tool that teaches the mind to be quiet and in this quiet state you begin feeling deep relief. Relief that calms the worries, fears and releases the pain. It has nothing to do with any specific religion, it is a matter of regaining control of your mind and your life. In this quiet space you will notice worry and fear are replaced with trust. Pain and trauma are replaced with understanding and forgiveness. Regrets are replaced with gratitude and love. Once this transition occurs, your body and mind are at peace. Sleeping is a reward you now feel worthy of and you happily gift yourself this treat – resting in grace.

Many people think of meditation as boring, however, once you open your world to this state of grace and deep peace and inner joy, you will see the meditative state as one of grand adventure of upliftment. You may be even be given the opportunities to watch a movie or meditate. The thing about meditation that’s so incredible is it opens dimensions within you, that are limitless, expansive and beautiful. When you realize that, when you’ve touched that beauty, there is no question. Why would you trade that to watch a little box or even a large screen. That’s not your whole world, it’s just a flat thing in front of you. In meditation, the experiences are everything. Your body feels it, every part of you, every essence, every cell. Everything feels the difference.

Here’s the easiest technique I’ve ever seen to quiet the mind.

The YES I AM LOVED process is a fast and powerful way to quiet your mind. At first, many people have difficulty quieting the mind, so, for the past few years, I’ve been sharing this technique, this heartsong, that you can practice in your own home & in your own time – to find that peaceful stillness within.

This technique uses a four word phrase. These specific words are very important because of the energy they carry and how they heal.  First, it teaches you to quiet your mind. Second, it lifts your vibrational levels. Third, it puts you in a space to hear your heart and all the lovely things it has to say. This eventually lifts depression and restores your daily joy.

To make it easier for you… 

You may listen to the mp3 recording YES I AM LOVED or read the information here.

Real world benefits

The following are just a few benefits of meditation: It reduces anxiety attacks, enhances your immune system, relaxes the nervous system, increases focus & productivity, improves memory, increases serotonin (affecting your mood and behavior), helps you more effectively handle stressful situations, lessens aggressiveness, helps eliminate bad habits, helps cure insomnia, reduces road rage, increases listening skills, enables a more balanced personality, provides peace of mind, increases compassion, enhances wisdom, deepens your capacity to love yourself and others, increases the synchronicity of your life and develops an intimate relationship with the Beloved.