Cocooning and Restoring

I learned how to cocoon after running into a few religious zealots here in these beautiful Appalachian mountains. They seem to love telling everyone else how they are disobeying God’s word and they are so ‘righteous’ in their actions.

The first time it happened, I was getting hit with this preacher man’s anger and felt a weakening of my energy flow (as if he were lashing out at me with a whip). When I wouldn’t agree that he was right, he started yelling and getting red in the face. He was saying the words Love and Peace, but honestly, he looked to be only full of anger and fear.

I don’t know of this God he spoke of…. Who is this angry and judgmental god?  My experience of the Divine is a loving Creator – with waves of rolling laughter and perfect love. After this experience I went home depleted and weak. It took days to recover from this attack and then it happened again. I consciously realized I was in an area that offered the opportunity to learn spiritual protection and decided to be prepared next time. That’s when my guides taught me to cocoon  myself.

On the third attack (from a different preacher man) I felt myself getting weak and remembered to cocooned myself and at this point, the preacher man’s words and attacks were not felt… instead, I could see his pain and confusion. As his voice continued to rise, I noticed the dark cloud around him was also increasing.

However, now, instead of weakness, I was compassion. I no longer needed the cocoon. I released a wave of love from my heart that filled the room with light. I was far too powerful for his darkness to touch me. and in fact, the darkness faded from the room…. and there was only light. I did not need to attack him to win, I only need to release love… because anger is really a mask for pain.

Anger is only a Mask

It is helpful to remember, anger is a mask of hurt and fear. When hearts are healed, pain is released and anger disappears. Then, there is freedom. 

That is why we are here – to shine our light so brightly that all can see the path of freedom and love.  Most of us are little lights in training. Little lights exploring concepts so very different than our society teaches, but every day we grow stronger and wiser and we remember more.

When to Cocoon

  • If life is scattered and stressful and you really need sleep, cocoon yourself and set your intention for sleep.
  • If you are surrounded by chaos and anger, cocoon yourself and set your intention for peace.  
  • When intensities around you are strong and you wish a break free from outside influences, to restore your inner strength and joy,  cocoon yourself.


Cocooning! This is how you do it…

Pull everything, all your energy and all your awareness, inwards and shield yourself from everything else. As if you’re in a bubble.

Then imagine a cocoon of white light – it’s the most powerful, impenetrable light and only those of Perfect Love can enter this light.

Call upon the Divine Creator, call your Divine helpers, angels, ancestors, and the Earth to help you.  Ask them to surround you, to permeate you and protect you.

Set your intention to be who you really are….   To be free of anger and hurt and to BE PEACE. 

Feel your light growing brighter, larger and stronger.  Feel yourself shining brightly and in love with life.

Then allow everything to be still and choose one of these…. Joy, Love, Gratitude, Compassion and Beauty. Set in intention and be determined because focusing on these will bring inner peace.

While you are cocooning – you are focused on the languages of the Divine (love, joy, gratitude, compassion, and beauty) and you are dwelling within the Divine. You are basically praying. But, this is not a prayer of bargaining or asking.

This is the ideal prayer to the Divine… it is spontaneous praise! You praise the Divine, not in the spirit of bargain (I’ll be good if you do this), but in spirit of appreciation.

You praise the Divine in spontaneous appreciative for the infinite light, infinite power, infinite love and infinite bliss. When you are focused upon joy, love, beauty, compassion, etc… you are dwelling within Truth, within the Divine. You are wrapped by the Divine, transformed by the Divine.

Your intention creates a vibration around you and in you that radiates so strongly that negativity cannot influence you. This keeps you safe &  feeling comforted. 

It’s More than Just Words – it’s the power of Prayer

You may think Love and Joy and Beauty are just words, however, JOY carries an incredible energy and when you devote yourself to the power of Joy – you will be amazed at how delightfully powerful it really is.  😉

Beauty is another incredible energy. When you dwell on beauty – you will begin to see beauty everywhere and you will praise beauty for the gift that it is. Each of these is an individual – both are Divine.

Oh, there are so many secrets to be revealed to you! This life is truly a journey of delight if you only know where to look. 😉


“Away from the tumult of motor and mill, I want to be carefree; weary of words. I want to be still! I’m weary of doing things; I want to be one with the blossoms and birds.” ~ Edgar A Guest