Answering the Inner Call

I listened and heard a very deep calling for my truth

and a path to achieve it opened.

It is not an easy path and I could ignore it

to ignore it would be to ignore the very essence of my being.

To follow this leads me on my path of joy.

For my heart leads the way

and it’s calling is for a higher purpose.

It’s mission transcends social expectations,

religious dogma and anything else which stands in the way

of this simple and divine calling of love.

My quest is simple…

to open my heart completely to love.

To open to a power within that defies all comprehension

and then to live and walk in this simplicity, with strength and intention,

lighting the path for others so they can free their hearts…

I am not alone.

Many have walked this path before me.

Many walk it now.

Many more will walk it in the future.

I wish for my light to be so bright that nothing can extinguish it.

So others who are looking may easily see the path.

It is complete.



The forest makes your heart gentle.

You become one with it….

~ Pha Pachak