Emotional Vibrations

Our feelings are important. Below is a chart of words – a vibrational chart of feelings. The higher on the chart, the higher the vibration, the better you feel. The lower on the chart, the more pain you feel – experiencing your personal version of hell.

The more emotion and feeling behind our words, the more power they contain – creating an energy pattern that we dwell within.  You will see GRATITUDE near the middle of the chart. It is a KEY – unlocking your access into the higher realms, into a better feeling, so you can start climbing the vibrational ladder into an inner joy, a heaven on earth. It’s about moving from the pain into the remembrance of love; allowing us to consciously shift from the heaviness into the lightness of truth.

It’s an awakening, a cleansing, an understanding into a peace beyond comprehension. It has nothing to do with religion or separation for in this place we gain compassion for everyone. Accepting their path is unique to them, in perfect harmony with their focus and their choices. Realizing they won’t leave their hell until they are finally ready and willing to make the necessary changes – until they are willing to surrender their judgment. We cannot change who they are, we can only change ourselves.


It’s a Continuous Choice.

For each experience and thought can bring us joy or pain.  The path to joy starts with refusing the fear and worry, releasing the pain and judgment, and setting our determination to find ways to be grateful. Once we become ‘grateful’ and gratitude is our state of being, then we can move into all the many levels of joy. Now, the next occurrence in our life or thought in our mind, may pull us down into the pain of misery and we begin the process again.

It’s an inner determination to find gratitude for each thing in our life, for each person in our life, for every thing, every day, every time. In this way, we begin praising the opportunities of life, we begin trusting ourselves and we form a sacred connection to all things. Using our will power and our love… we lift out of hell and into heaven on Earth. For once all the heaviness is gone, you will see it was only a case of forgetfulness, for love is all there ever is or ever was and the pain only exist because we forgot this truth and were lost in the illusion. Gratitude will set you free.

Our Emotions are Important.

Listen to these words and pay attention to how they make you feel?

What’s the point of life?
Is this all there is?
Everything feels wrong.
I work my butt off and for what?
I keep trying and failing. It’s like I’m worthless.
I’ve given everything and look what I have in return – nothing.
People don’t keep their promises, they’re not to be trusted and I’m the idiot who keeps trusting.
How stupid am I?
It’s never going work.
I just can’t do it.
Look how I have failed over and over.
I don’t know how to do it.
How am I suppose to function like this?
What’s the point when everything feels so wrong?
I’m hurting and I don’t even know why.
Why am I so miserable?
Why is life so hard?
I don’t belong here.
I don’t fit in.
I’m not like everyone else.
Nobody likes me. I feel like an alien.
No one really understands.
I am alone.

These words show the torment, the inner pain, that results from the voice within us that never seems to stop. It reminds us of our shame, persecuting us repeatedly with the regrets of our past, creating anxieties of our unknown future, burdening us with the disappointments of life and enslaving us with the concepts of separation. It speaks of our loneliness, our unfulfilled desires, our injured pride, our fears, our griefs and our humiliation. It doesn’t stop… always running circles, amplifying the energy of defeat in a cyclical pattern, a downward spiral and we feel helpless – unable to escape the nightmare.

We find ourselves questioning our very existence.

Even when we’re surrounded by loving friends, beautiful things and great  opportunities – if we’re tormented inside – then we’re in misery and life is like a living hell. Yes, the more emotional we are, the more susceptible we are to this excruciating pain, so logic would suggest a solution to our self persecution is vulcanizing our personality, lessening our emotions, and many people do exactly that. They create walls around their heart, around their emotions; keeping people at bay, keeping their emotions at a distance. Like splitting themselves into pieces, they become hardened, accepting an illusion of peace through a denial of trust.

In blocking out the pain, they also block their ability to find true joy. Many times they grow so accustomed to this fractured existence, viewing it as perfectly normal and acceptable. To step into their emotional life brings back the fear and the pain returns, so, they stay busy – with one thing or another. They occupy their mind so things don’t get too quiet, because when they’re quiet and alone, the pain returns. They look for anything to stop the pain; turning to alcohol, drugs, work, etc… They may live and die, never really knowing true peace and joy. They feel it’s void, but have sacrificed it’s discovery for a guaranteed existence to survive against the odds.

Then, there are those who are willing to risk it all in order to find the truth. Willing to hurt and die of pain if only to understand why.

It’s easy to get lost on this path of discovery – for it’s an inner path – and so often we try to heal it from the outside. Doing whatever it takes, sometimes cycling through religions, relationships, family, friends, and careers – all in search of finding what’s missing. Sacrificing everything to fill the void, however, no matter what changes occur on the outside, if the inner work is not accomplished, the void and feeling of separation continues.

This inner path requires authenticity.

A willingness to be honest with yourself on all levels. To be honest with everyone. To admit you might not be right – that all your judgments, beliefs and concepts may be completely wrong. Releasing your “rightness” and your all your knowing and being courageous enough to accept you might not really know anything. Socrates was very wise when he said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” – for it is from nothingness that we find everything.

It is as if a version of hell, heaven and purgatory exist here on Earth. Those afflicted by their emotions are living in hell. Those denying their nature are in purgatory – only halfway existing. Those who find their joy, their truth and fill their void are living in heaven.

You can’t really understand these different levels unless you’ve experienced them. So the person in hell mocks the concept of heaven. The one in purgatory judges all others as weak and worthless. It is only the one in heaven, having already traveled through hell and purgatory, who truly understands and in this understanding compassion blossoms. They have chosen a path of love and remember who they are. They are filled with a peace that goes beyond understanding – it’s expanded in joy and beauty – it’s the blissfulness of perfection.

The Power is Yours.

What if you learned – that you have the power to choose between them; to dwell in the place you prefer. Our emotions are like roadways and we have three paths in front of us – purgatory, heaven or hell.  Our power is in realizing the choice is ours to make for our inner voice will lead us down the path we’re focused upon. Through our intended focus we create and dwell within hell, heaven or purgatory. Which path do you prefer?

If your goal is to find heaven on earth, then become conscious of your emotional choices so your energy is directed towards those things you desire. The amount of attention we can give is limited, the number of things we can focus upon is finite and the stores of energy we have are set. So, becoming conscious creators of how we direct our focus, attention and energy is very important. Because if we are not consciously choosing a path – then by default we are being pushed around by the will of others.

The path to happiness is a process of ending our slavery to the mind and instead joining the mind and heart in sacred union.  Part of this process is realizing the words we use contain energy – and that energy affects more than just how we feel – it affects where we dwell. The more emotion behind the words, the more energy directed towards towards the path we are choosing.

Listen to these words and pay attention to how they make you feel?

There are so many people who have it much harder than me.
In fact, I am very blessed compared to most people.
I used to feel better than I do now and I can almost remember what that felt like.
I will do whatever it takes to find relief – to feel happier.
Even when I think something bad has happened, it somehow works out for the best.
I am learning everything is okay, even if I don’t understand right away.
I choose to feel better.
Yes, I am different, but I am also special.
After all, if we were all the same it would be a little boring.
All these things of the past have made me more aware.
Perhaps those people who hurt me were hurting inside too.
I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I had not experienced all those things.
I have learned so much from my experiences.
I am stronger and wiser now.
I didn’t understand then and now I do.
Maybe they didn’t understand either.
Perhaps it’s no one’s fault – perhaps we just didn’t know.
Considering the circumstances, I did the best I could do.
I can’t change other people, but I can change me.
I trust them to be exactly who they are, not who I want them to be.
I forgive myself.
I am learning and growing.
Maybe I can find ways to learn that are more gentle.
I am becoming a better me.
I choose to love my life, to love myself.

These words show an uplifting quality, they show gratitude, a remembering and choosing of a better way.

Using the Emotional Chart

Find the place on the Emotional Chart that resonates with the inner feelings you have right now. If you study this chart and use it as a tool, it can help you determine how you feel about each thing in your life and then it shows you the path to lift into a better place. Notice everything above understanding is beyond comprehension of the mind – it can never truly be explained – it can only be felt.

I wish you much joy on this inner discovery – for we are Forever Spirits in a playground of Creation.

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“I love words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.” ~ Anne Rice

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