Challenges of the Awakening

What happens when you awaken to a reality of life that most of our society, including our own families, do not even know exist?

Perhaps this is happening to you now. You are in the process of awakening, into a place of inner peace and beauty and yet, your loved ones aren’t seeing the same things. Sometimes, they don’t understand and it seems no matter what you say, they just don’t get it.

  • They are shocked that you aren’t agreeing with their problems, which you now see as opportunity.
  • They are frustrated that you will not be ‘normal’ – living the way they feel you should – instead you are following a higher purpose they can not comprehend.
  • They are often confused that material possessions have no real meaning to you as you try to explain the value of joy, love and beauty.
  • They will often tell you that you’re wasting your life, and yet, in your perception, it is the first time you’ve experienced true inner peace. Your life finally feels good. ❤

What could be more important that having joy and peace in our hearts?

These times can be trying as you see those you love disagree with your choices and eventually turn their back. It’s important to remember you are not alone. Many have traveled this path and you will find companions to share the journey.

My own parents turned away from me when I opened a healing center and welcomed people of all races and religions to share together, to grow together, to commune with one another. They could only see the differences and those differences scared them. They could not see the beauty and mastery of the Divine as I do because their fear blinds their trust.


They can not see what I see.

They do not see that my love for the Divine and for this planet and all the people on this planet is so consuming that I must share this with others.

To deny this would be to deny the essence of who I am. In truth, I am not responsible or able to make them happy. Their happiness is a choice they must make within… I really have no control over it.

So, what do you do when you are rejected by the ones you love?

In truth, you have choices… rejoin them in their world (which means rejoining the illusion of separation and pain – this is almost impossible) or you can choose to step out of the darkness and feel the love of the Divine. It may feel you are abandoning them, but you are not. You are setting an example that many others will follow.

It is wise to release your attachment to their acceptance and stay with the love and the joy and the beauty within. Realizing we are all in Oneness, whether we are aware of it or not. Our loved ones are in the proper place for them at this time. Allow them to be as they choose to be.

You can still love them, but, don’t allow them to harm you. Remember, sometimes it’s best to love from a distance.

Stepping out gives you space to stretch…

As you continue to grow in understanding and claim the gifts of awareness, increasing your focus upon them, you will enlighten the paths of others and this will spread greater than you can imagine. Eventually (probably indirectly) touching the hearts of our loved ones too. In truth, we are all connected, we are one, and all is well.

So, Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful!


The purpose of life is

undoubtedly to know oneself.

We cannot do this unless we learn to

identify ourselves with all that lives.

~ Mahatma Gandhi