Do you ever ask this question? “Who am I?”

eye galaxIt is clear we are more than a physical body, we are more than just a mind and we are more than all the labels we possess of mother, father, son, daughter, lover, friend, etc… Who are we really?

I feel like I’m from somewhere else, but I keep waking up on Earth, so, I’ve been learning to live on this planet and I have fallen deeply in love with Earth and all it’s mysteries.

One thing is for sure. This universe is far larger and more intricate than we can possibly understand. It’s more amazing and magical than you probably realize!

Throughout my life, I’ve heard this little voice inside me say, “Listen within”.  It almost sounds like a song – full of joy and beauty and patience. I started listening and realized I have many helpers, guides, and ancestors (the angels of my life) ready to assist and teach me.

They come to me through dreams, visions, and in person.  I learned many amazing things about our universe.  How to move and clear energies, how to align and balance the body, how to train the mind to be a useful tool and work in harmony with the heart and spirit. I have seen the beginning of all things and felt the knowing all the universe in the same moment. I have seen secrets of existence that would take me a lifetime to share. Fortunately, these are all universal truths, applicable regardless of your religion or cultural preferences.

I am not a person of great wealth, title or privilege,  yet I am overly abundant, educated through the source of ultimate knowledge and lovingly connected to universal creation. I remember many things from before this lifetime and I see this life as part of a much larger whole. In this small individual expression of me, I have witnessed the perspective of the entire universe.

Eventually, guidance directed me to start teaching what I had learned and so I asked, “What is this you are asking me to share? In a world full of labels and names and titles – I have only the information you give me. Yet, people keep asking for a name, a way to identify what they I am sharing, what they are learning. What am I to call it?”

In a very clear inner voice I hear Love answering… “It is all ASCENDING.”

At first I thought I was sharing all of this to help others and then I realized it is all for me. In helping me, I am helping you. It is through our Oneness that I am you and you are me. Together we are responsible to ourselves to reawaken our own remembering and remember our Truth. The only person who can awaken me, is me. If I don’t do this for myself, there is no one else to do.

The same is for you.  Your awakening is your path – no one else can do it for you! 🙂

You see, this isn’t about me or you, it’s about us!  It’s beautiful how precise this universe is… all in perfect timing.

What is ascending?

944153_577735142247159_1312920325_nAlthough, I’d heard brief mentions as a child referencing ascension, I really didn’t understand. What is ascension exactly?  My logical mind was racing to find proof, confirmation – something more concrete to grasp onto.

Fortunately, when we ask for confirmation, Guidance sends buckets full. You only need to stay open to see. Over and over, I received multiple confirmations – allowing me to trust these experiences and completely acknowledge the role I was accepting.

I see this process of ascending as a vibrational shift – the shifting of our inner paradigm. Of course, from a human perspective, I still don’t understand the entire ascension process, however, Guidance has offered the beginning stages and as I gain understanding – more information comes.

Just as we climb a ladder one step at a time. The purpose of this ascending information is to guide the awakened ones to consciously shift and choose their awareness and vibration.

Ascending is simply a word used to describe an indescribable process – a multi-dimensional process of raising the frequencies of our human bodies into the universal truth of who we are.

It’s about stepping out of forgetfulness, into the remembrance of self, of true everlasting existence.  It is the journey of our soul, of our heart, of our life, of the Earth. (read more on Ascending here)

My History

hannah and me

Aliya and her daughter

Even as a young girl I was visited  by angels, animals, people and more. I knew nature was alive and it seemed the adults in my life weren’t telling me about the really important stuff regarding reality. In time I realized, they just didn’t know any better.  So many still do not understand and that’s okay, because, it’s all in perfect order. We are all on our paths of discovery and we will all walk a path that is unique only to us. Uniquely special, collectively Divine.

tumblr_lw57eklL7t1qijt4no1_250Years ago, I started down a path of trusting and listening – completely dedicating my life to my soul’s purpose of being on this planet. When guidance said to open a healing center, it was open and operating within 2 weeks. It was an incredible light. Like a lighthouse standing on a dark shore.

When Guidance said to start guiding meditation, I begged for them to send a guru – a wise one. When they insisted I was to do it, I figured they were making a mistake.  6 months and several tantrums later – I finally accepted the role as a meditation guide and allowed Guidance to work through me. It was and still is one of the most incredible blessings in my life.

When they said to teach Chakras, I really had no idea what chakras were. I knew the basic colors and locations – that was about it!

It took me a few weeks to finally agree and that’s when they insisted I teach an 8 week course –  Hahaha!  I had a some laughs at that one! How could anyone talk about chakras for that long?

However, I’m committed to this journey and trust that my ‘small self’ doesn’t always understand the bigger picture. So, in a big step of faith, I scheduled an 8 week course to teach chakras.

At my first class, I walked in with no idea of how to talk about the root chakra for an hour… Two and half hours later we were all elated and amazed at the root chakra!  So much useful information came through. This was the beginning the MANUAL FOR LIFE course that I know offer  – full of information on our energy fields and their major centers – the chakras… and I am still learning.

When I was guided to leave everything and travel the country, teaching ascending techniques I did. When guidance said my name would change and the next morning my signature came out as Aliya, I was a bit surprised I had signed it so easily and had to look at it to actually read it. I happily accepted this new energy and it was a joyful confirmation when I looked up the meaning of Aliya and found it means “to ascend”.


Aliya and her son

Then, months later, something major switched. I asked Guidance what to do and they didn’t tell me anything. Instead they responded, “What do you desire?”

What? What a shift! I don’t know what I desire… They opened the whole world and asked me to decide. Honestly, it was easier when they were guiding every step and I was faithfully following. It took me about three years to get through this phase. Now, I help others get through this phase much, much faster!

Turns out it really is all about us. How we created an incredible opportunity to experience something other than ourselves and how we are always able to co-create a new reality and can choose of life of joy, full of beauty and unexplained, unimaginable pure love.

I can trace all the events in my life (and before) and how they have led to right now…  Now is such a beautiful place to be. I hope you’ll join me here – in this heaven on Earth.

When we remove the lines that separate us – we reveal the joy and beauty in our uniqueness, our divine birthright and deep connective-ness.

Let’s dance and relish life’s gifts together – for we are Forever Spirits in a playground of Creation.”

in joyful heartsong with all life,

 Aliya Trinity

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More About Aliya

raven (1)Aliya recently moved from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains back to the heart of North Carolina to grow her sustainable company, Alywillow (focused on respecting all life as sacred and building over 150 therapeutic skin, body, and home care products from pure plants).

She holds a deep compassion for all people, a love of nature, and a commitment to live in harmony. She teaches practices of caring for our sweet Earth and taking responsibility for our lives. She has traveled extensively, sharing ascending techniques in churches, healing centers, and other community events across the country.

Her heart sees the sacred unity behind the illusion of cultural separation and her intention is to carry a light so others can see the path to calm their mind and free their hearts – opening to their inner joy and their inner peace.  For it is through this inner peace that outer peace is discovered.

In all her actions, she is dedicated to this path of awakening. Through private consultations, energy classes and workshops, she shares ascending processes that shift the vibrations of the body, quieting the mind, releasing pain and restoring bliss.

Aliya has also been working with plants for over 20 years when her native past called out to her to re-discover a more natural way of living. Then, an accident in 2007 broke a couple of bones in her back and her desire to naturally heal helped pushed her into this path with the plants more fully. Over the years of healing and studying, she has developed a strong intuitive connection with the plants and her products (made 100% of plants) have been known to offer relief from pain, acne, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, shingles, MRSA, stress and much more. In January 2013 she accepted a full time commitment to the creation of Alywillow products; working with the plants to bring more health, joy and love into all our lives.

10698600_10152687806860944_6509103848551425511_nAn old Native American Indian prophecy speaks of the Rainbow Warriors. They are ones who will re-establish a life of harmony with Earth. They will teach a new way of living, in harmony with all. They will herald in a period of peace. Aliya is one of many who hold this vision within their hearts – a vision where people are caretakers of their planet and live in harmony with one another. She is here for those who are asking for a new way of life.

  • Ascension Guide – teaching classes and offering privates – 2010-current. Facebook Page
  • Visionary for Appalachian Eco-Village
  • Public Speaker for Ascending Peace 2010-2012
  • Founder of the GypsySun, a two story healing center on the coast of NC. 2007-2010
  • Founder and CEO of Alywillow
  • Professional Photographer 1989-2007
  • Graphic Designer since 1999-2007

The learning goes on as the joyful expansion of awareness continues.  I reach out my awareness into each aspect and see Me.  In each moment I hold a tenderness for the individual perspective of me, a great love and joy in the inner discovery.  Why would I ever stop this beautiful expanding love affair with myself?  In fact, eternity may not be long enough.”    ~Aliya