Illusion or Truth

The Power of the Mind

A friend recently referred to our mind as a ‘stargate’ and I thought – “that’s great – exactly”. You can use it to go anywhere and only you control where you allow it to go.

Others can point you in a direction, but it is your choice to follow or not. You are always doing this… directing, closing and opening your mind. You might not realize you are the one in control, however, regardless of your awareness, you are the one responsible for where you are going.

Within your mind you may go into memories of the past or anxieties of your future. You may be focused on something so completely that everything else around you disappears. Have you ever seen someone daydreaming or so consumed about an idea that they are missing everything around them?

What if you could learn to focus your mind in the exact direction of your choosing instead of being a victim to it’s chaotic whims?

What if it really is within your power to choose to be happy or sad, to be in joy or in pain, to be in despair or in love? If you really could go into any emotion (world) with your mind, where would you go? Would you choose joy and happiness or would you choose pain and suffering?


One is Illusion – the Other is Truth

The truth of our universe, of our existence, is one of perfect bliss. However, the realm of Earth is surrounded by a veil that prevents us from realizing this truth. We created this veil to experience something other than ourselves and knowing how amazing we are, it was important that we couldn’t remember our magnificence. Otherwise, what would keep us in the illusion of separation? How would we ever experience something different from who we are?

In this world we have concepts of separation and in this separation we find ourselves in doubt and fear. We find ourselves alone and confused. We suffer anxiety attacks and all sorts of disorders. We question our purpose and many times can spiral straight down into the depths of depression – questioning our very existence. This is very different than the kind of existence we are accustomed to.

Fortunately and thankfully, separation is an illusion and once you break free of separation – you begin to see the Oneness of it All and you awaken to the truth of YOU.

In the perfection of You, everything is blissful, joyful, peaceful & loving beyond your understanding. In fact, it is so blissful, joyful, peaceful and loving that you can not comprehend it unless you have experienced it – unless you remember.

Opposites are not real

NEWS FLASH:  Love is not the opposite of hate. Opposites do not exist. Hate is an illusion of separation. Once you see beyond the illusion you will see there is only love.

One of my favorite sayings from Yeshua (Jesus) is when he instructs us to “love your enemy”.  Do you know what happens when you start loving your enemy?  (LOL)  He is playing a little trick here because once you LOVE yourself and LOVE your neighbor and LOVE your enemy – there is no one left to hate.

Can you imagine of world of Love? Take a moment and try. 🙂

Life's enjoyment


Telling the Difference

You can tell the easily tell the difference between illusion and truth if you know what to look for.  It’s actually quite simple.   

You can always recognize illusion because it is riddled with pain and fear. If you are hearing messages of fear, anxiety, control, worry, or doubt – they are showing the lack of love… which is not truth… it is illusion.

You can also recognize illusion because it many times takes you into the regrets of the past… or the anxieties of the future.  In these realms you are in illusion.  Give them no energy. Instead, look around you for truth (listen with your heart) – remembering love, praise, joy, appreciation, gratitude are all signs of truth.

You can always recognize Truth as it leads you to beauty and joy, love and patience, compassion and perfection.  Just listen to your heart (not your head) and it will tell you what is TRUTH. For truth of the Higher Heart is always full of love and light and joy –  these are signs showing the way to truth.

It’s up to You

If you wish to find the truths of life, it is necessary to learn to control your focus. No one can do this for you – it’s your responsibility and how high you place it on your list of priorities determines how long you live in the pain of illusion and when you get to enjoy the beauty of truth.

I teach classes and offer recording that teach you have to direct your focus. The more you practice, the more effective and efficient you’ll become.

What is not truth…

When someone shares a message with you that incites fear or anxiety, something about their message is an illusion. In fact, most illusions are mixed with truth which makes it harder to discern the difference. If you will look for the true joy, the true love and throw the rest out – you will find the truth.

The Higher Heart

When I speak of joy – I am not speaking of greed or power or getting lots of stuff or having a specific person in your life. That might make you happy – but those things are not true joy. They are temporary and not part of your eternal life. I am speaking of a joy in the heart that sees the beauty of all people, of all beings, of all life – that sees us all as one large loving family. It’s the joy of the Higher Heart and it is a joy that can not be stolen. Your Joy and Gratitude and Love exist WITHIN you regardless of the situations around you.


All Is Divine – even the unaware. 

The entire universe is Divinely created – by the Divine, of the Divine. Call the Divine whatever you want – no offense is taken – for the Divine loves and loves and loves.

My experience with the Divine shows me complete JOY.  So, to be out of joy is to be out of Divine which is not possible, it’s an illusion. All things are made of and by the Divine. The ‘problem’ may seem real, but it’s illusion – it’s temporary. One day you will see. Eventually all will wake up to the truth. Don’t worry – It’s not a matter of ‘if’, it is just a matter of ‘when’.

So what’s the purpose to it all?

Right now, all is well. There is no need to hurry, no need to worry.

I ask the Divine – “What do you wish of me?”

The Divine asks of me “What do you desire?”

“I wish to be Love.” I say as if asking.

Divine answers in joy “You already are”.


Namaste’ dear friends.

Wishing you much Joy.



“I am in love with this world… 

I have climbed it’s mountains,

roamed it’s forest.

sailed it’s waters,

crossed it’s deserts.

felt the sting of it’s frost,

the oppression of it’s hearts,

the drench of it’s rain,

the fury of it’s winds,

and always have beauty and joy

waited upon my goings and comings.”

~ John Burroughs