Aligning Your Chakras

Many years ago, my Native Ancestors came to me in vision and shared how to align the major energy centers of our body (also known as chakras, energy wheels, etc…) quickly and easily. Turns out it’s just our intention and focus that keeps our energy balanced and healthy. As our fields are aligned, everything in life becomes easier, more gentle, more graceful, more amazing. đŸ™‚

As we experience emotional turmoil, our energy centers get out of balance and it’s time to realign. This means every time you have fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, stress, concern, etc… your energy shifts and alignment is off balance. Learning how to re-align is easy and powerfully changes your life. You will regain your balance and your inner peace.

It’s recommended (by my friends in higher places) that you align your chakras many times a day, as many as 20 times or more. Eventually, alignment will become your regular state of being. When this happens, you will realize the things that used to trigger you (those things that bring stress, anxiety, fear or concern) are no longer the same. You exist in a more peaceful state, enjoying life and seeing perfection in all things.

I have shared these easy techniques for many years in classes across the country and they are now available for you through recordings here on this website (to learn in the comfort of your own home). I recommend you use the long version first… to get a nice deep alignment. Then teach yourself the shorter version so you can do it quickly whenever you’re able.

This is such a simple thing to do and can help you in so many powerful ways. Becoming aware of your energy pattern and consciously choosing a state of balance opens you to so many more things in life. It’s part of the intentional shifting, the ascension process. It’s the base, the beginning to all enlightenment. Everything can be built from this place and that’s fantastic news Beloved. You are being given the keys for opening the secret book of life (and beyond).  There are already many here, we are waiting for you to join us. Â đŸ˜‰

ChakraAlignment-2x3-72dpiCHAKRA ALIGNMENT – long version (15 minutes)

Close your eyes and relax as Aliya leads you through the journey of aligning your energy centers – restoring balance, strength, joy, understanding and peace. This is a 15 minute meditation  to re-align the chakra centers of the body, heal the heart, and refuel your understanding of their role in aligning earth and universal energies.   (15 minutes)

ChakraAlignment-2x3-72dpiCHAKRA ALIGNMENT – short version (2.3 minutes)

Each time you become emotionally stressed or worried or if you find your self confused or dizzy – realign your chakras.  This shorter version is for those who have already experienced the long version and wish to know how to achieve alignment very quickly.  Once you do this several times, you should be able to do it without the recording. Please understand you can do this as fast as you can think it. So if you can go through the process in 5 seconds, that’s all it takes. (2.3 minutes)

Would you like an extra powerful boost? Do these alignments with eyes closed, in full sunlight and touching the earth (I like to sit on green grass or stand in dirt).  I’m pretty sure you will really enjoy it!