Perspectives of the Whole

Oneness Revealed

I am about to share with you my most favorite experience of my entire life!

This was a gift from the Creator to see through the eyes of All and what I saw was more beautiful than I could ever have imagine or describe! When I asked the Divine how to explain this experience, the reply was that I had my entire life… (hahaha – the creator is funny!)  I will attempt this impossible feat, even if it takes the rest of my life. 😉

Here is a meager attempt to share the beauty and depth of that vision.

“I could feel and see all things at the same time. All things in the entire creation and all time that has ever or will ever exist. It is beyond explanation… it was incredible. A sense of peace and joy permeated all of space and time – which was really contained within the moment of NOW and was ALL. That was the true reality. I could see all things and feel all things at once. I was complete in my full identity of ALL things at ALL TIMES. I was all there was. I was the Beginning and the End and everything in between, before and after.

It was wholeness and love so complete – I was wholeness and love complete! I marveled at myself, at this creation, in the blissful beauty of perfection and could see that all was perfectly arranged and just as it should be in the time that it was set. I saw it in the beginning, through it’s creation and to it’s completion… and yet, there was so much more beyond  and before that. It was a moment and it was forever.  It was exploding and it was merging. I was exploding and merging. In each time and place, each thing was in perfection. I was perfection.

Then the Divine offered me a chance to explore be a just a part of the whole (with full access to everything)….. and WOW!  Exploring each view was different – it was fun, discovering my beauty! Like a firefly of Joy, I flew around the universe to see each individual perspective. To see, hear, feel and think from the star’s view (it’s alive and much wiser than we are)!  To see from the nebula’s view (wow – it has a unique perspective on existence).

Each part of me had their own understandings, their own world of discoveries. So many discoveries to be explored! So much playful exploration in this universal playground.

Then I saw the Earthly realm. (On Earth we are exploring a world where we have forgotten our ability to view from any perspective and NOW… we are in a period of remembering our greatness. It is through meditation (and other states of stillness) that we explore these other perspectives. It is through ascending that we remember and create light that will one day remove the shadow of forgetfulness. We are able now to hold these spaces in our conscious, waking times. Truly awake.

I saw the Earth (even in it’s states of confusion and forgetfulness) was in perfection and held in joyful love. A part of me, a part of All.  A creation made of joyful love, by Love.  Such a beautiful creation Love… (I wish I could show you, but then, you have been in this place before too. You just don’t remember. We were all there… at the beginning and the end… and everywhere in between, before and after). 

Then, I saw myself as a cave. I was a person hiding in the cave. Then I saw myself as the people hunting the person who was hiding in the cave….. and I laughed at myself… for how silly am I to hide myself from myself inside another part of myself.  Hehehe!   In forgetfulness I have forgotten even myself. What a game this has become!  And of course, there were no worries. There are no worries. Even that part of me will remember again soon.”

planet star

Keeping a Clear Connection

That view of wholeness and bliss, seeing all things and times as ONE is my favorite perspective. To live and hold that view, in every moment of every day, is my goal.

As we begin to remember, the old ideas and stagnant concepts of our mind battle the freedoms that our hearts reveal. The heart has a specific language. It doesn’t exist in forgetfulness. It remembers completely and will speak to you in the Divine languages of love, peace, joy, beauty, passion, ecstasy and perfection (please understand, if you are hearing messages of fear, control, doubt, worry or stress; those are not the languages of the heart).

Remember, your heart is always right – especially when your mind tells you otherwise. That’s a good sign you are hearing CLEARLY because the logical mind struggles with these heart messages and yet, the heart is the most clear connection we have to Source. It is our guiding light and speaks the language of complete love, wide open joy and perfect beauty.

Perspectives change and realities shift, but your inner knowing, your inner light, your higher heart of wisdom is still YOU through it all. So rejoice in knowing all is okay and you are on your way to fully remembering who you really are.  Namaste’ dear soul! Let your heart and mind dance to the rhythms of joy!


Perspectives and Perception

I have learned over the years, that my reality is determined by what I am focused upon… when I shift the focus, my reality shifts. That was real and this was the dream. Now, this is real and that is the dream (of course, I can sometimes jump realities often).

This is similar to the concept of perspective. Your individual perspective gives you a specific view unlike anyone else’s. It is unique to you. How you interpret that perspective is based upon your understanding and your perception.

Our focus is (usually) limited to one space and one time. But, what if everything is happening at the same time?

If our personal reality is understood by where we put our focus, then, when we shift our focus, we feel the shifting of reality. Since we are limited in the number of perspectives we can maintain, usually only one, maybe two, our sense of reality changes as we shift our focus. However, perhaps it is all happening right now – at the same time.

Reality is All Perspectives

In all my travels, in physical and in astral, as my perspective changes, my reality shifts… and yet, I feel reality should be constant…. and then I learned it is!  True reality is really all perspectives at the same time.

Seeing only part of creation and calling it reality is as seeing a drop of water and calling it the whole ocean.  We are as ants, looking at the drop, thinking it is so huge that it must be the ocean. We are limited by our vision of complete truth, because we are limited in our ability to view multiple perspectives at the same time. When we only see part, naming our perspective as truth, we are in error. For in reality, it is only one of many perspectives of truth.


“Their teachers have been the birds themselves, when they sang to them, the sun when it left a glow of crimson behind it at setting, the very trees, and wild herbs.” ~ Anton Chekhov