Thank you dear friends for sharing your Comments:

“When I first met Aliya, I felt, immediately, a bond that usually does not form until long after one meets another. I marveled over how she seemed to do some of the things I have only thought about. I respect her wisdom and insight…. What is happening to me to feel so strongly about one for whom I have only had a few brief encounters?” Sherry T

“ I want to thank you for passing through my life and sharing your energy with me. So I send thanks your way…. and one day, I know that I’ll be able to return to you the energy and the love that you sent my way. You are a beautiful spirit, Aliya Trinity, and I feel privileged to have met you along the Way. Thank you so much for the things that you do!” Rainey

“I am so incredibly thankful for everything you have done for me through my awakening. The insight and guidance you have given me is immeasurable, not to mention the beautiful people I’ve come to love because of the gift you have given to this area. You are a bright beacon of light that, understandably, needs to shine for others elsewhere. Regardless of where your path takes you, the intense, yet gentle light you cast here will remain and burn brightly in our hearts.” Dennis

“Humble and gracious, Aliya has a comforting, nurturing way. Her words touch me deeply and I always feel as though she is speaking directly to me. It is because of her that I have experienced a complete turn-around in my life. I am confident, beautiful and living in joy. Thank you Aliya.” M. Casey

“This is a spiritual family that was conceived, nurtured, and loved by Aliya. She has shared her knowledge with us, cared about each us and helped everyone of us on our journeys. Our mother, mentor, & friend.” Maggie

“I want to thank you for being a catalyst for making this happen by sharing your warm insight and your gentle guiding hand.  The “heart-to-heart” connection that you made with me was beyond words.  Your beautiful smile and your loving warm hugs will also be something that I carry with me in my memories and I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for sharing your time with me.  Thank you for being exactly what you are! I’m looking forward to the next time our paths cross…” R Parker

You are one powerful burst of sunshine. I thought it was gonna take me days to come out of that one. I feel awesome. xoxoxoxo ~ Rachel

“I used to always hear these thoughts in my mind saying how I wasn’t good enough, how I was ugly and a huge disappointment. They would tell me how I had done everything wrong and let everyone down – and they never stopped. I considered life as worthless and couldn’t imagine continuing to live here. Then I met Aliya and she gave me the tools to change my life. Now, I am happy with life and if something happens that gets me down, I know how to heal the pain and restore my joy. It’s fabulous! There have been a few times where I just didn’t understand something and it caused me great pain. In those instances, Aliya was able to help me find my way through and I no longer have anxiety attacks or compulsive disorders issues.The bi-polar tendencies and the PTSD are completely gone. I am a change person, enjoying my life and my family. Living in joy and inner peace. Thank you Aliya.”  Rebecca S.

“My wife died in an accident and my whole world seemed to be falling apart. The pain and agony was extreme and it wasn’t until I found Aliya that I also found relief from the pain. In fact, I found more joy than I knew possible.” JC

“I have always been a religious man, but it wasn’t until I was in Aliya’s meditation that I truly had the most profound experience of my life. People in my church have spoken against meditation, but I felt more love and truth in this experience than I have ever felt before. She is a true messenger of the Divine and the love she talks about is real.” Mike R.

“Thank you for talking with me today. Your help was the Kindest thing to ever happen to me. I truly appreciate you!”  Joe C.

“I asked my husband what he could tell is different about me now than before working with you (Aliya). He said, ‘you never get stressed out anymore and I never hear you say you’re worried about anything.’  

Let me say that is evidence of healing and clearing. And its true!!!”  A. Shepherd