Are You Interested in a Better Life?

now2Would you like to feel better, look younger and have more energy?  If so, come join me for this new class…

The Flow of Energy

Gain understanding how energy moves in our body and around us and how it affects everything we do. Also, learn the basics of the body’s energy system and how to quickly and align these energies centers (chakras) bringing more energy and balance to your life. The long term effects of this work is a healthier body, a clearer mind and a more loving experience with life and the results you achieve are completely up to you and the dedication you have to your inner joy.

door lightWould you like to feel more inner peace and less stress in your life? If so, come join me for this new class…

A Quiet Mind

Our mind can fill our days with doubts, worries, and fears. Regretting our  mistakes as the mind plays them in loop, over and over, sabotaging our inner peace. When you take the time to learn to quiet the mind and surrender to the beauty of the heart, you’ll find a different world. One full of beauty and love, full of mystery and fun. A quiet mind is a powerful mind as you gain the ability to focus it clearly in the direction you choose instead of being a slave to it’s persistent anxieties.  It does take practice, but it is much easier than you probably realize. A focused mind is a powerful way of life.

Sign up Now!

New classes in Raleigh, NC and Richlands, VA. When the signup list is full, a date, time and location will be set. If a specific day is best for you, let me know. I’m open to weeknights, Saturday or Sunday classes. 3hr class.

Talk to your friends and let me know how many spaces to reserve for you and many blessings on your journey.

in light, Aliya