All energy has energy fields and the human body has many types of energy with multi-layered energy fields all overlapping. Each energy field has a center which acts as a vortex and we call these vortexes Chakras. The Chakras are the main intersections at the center of each sphere of energy and every emotional, physical, mental and spiritual stress we experience causes disturbances within our energy fields.

Knowing how to realign the chakras

and balance the energy of the body

allows the for a smooth flow

helping clear blockages

and restore our health, joy and peace.

With focused intention, the clarity of our light increases and

eventually the colors become so clear

they fade into whiteness.

This is the evolutionary coarse as our load lightens – we are en-LIGHT-ened.

Joy abounds as we experience freedom

It’s a joyful praise of trust and compassion

of love and beauty.

The dramas and traumas of life melt away

and we reconnect to the essence of our Truth.



A few benefits of balancing the Chakras…

Relieves stress and restores inner peace.

Balances the emotions and reconnects us to the joys of life.

Strengthens the immune system  and the overall operations of the body.

Improves concentration and memory.

Raises your vibratory frequency for higher spiritual development.

Enhances creativity and clears blockages.

Maintaining a balanced Chakra system is essential to achieving a state of balance within the body

resulting in vibrant health, rejuvenation and  youthfulness.

In essence,  understanding this system is equivalent to having a “manual for life” and

the ability to cleanse the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies of all blockages.

It’s the process of ascending.

Healing the heart

is key to this process,

as it’s the center of all.

Connecting the lower three chakras (base, sacral, solar)

with the upper three chakra (throat, third eye and crown)

a completion, a healing.

We are all children of the Divine – carrying the light of Divinity within us.

As we have progressed on this path for generations,

we have more opportunity now than ever before.

A heritage of ancestors who have shifted the energies of this planet to create these possibilities for us.

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If you wish to learn more about the Chakra System or Ascending, contact Aliya about hosting or attending a class or workshop about chakras.