A Love Letter To You

Dear Friend,

Within you is a spark I recognize as unique and special and Divine. It is this part of you that has lived for eons and will continue to live beyond the years of the body you now inhabit. Beloved, this is the part of you I am speaking to right now.planet star

A veil has covered the inner eyes of so many that you have forgotten your magnificence. Of course, we knew this would happen before you came and still you chose to come here because you are one of the bravest souls in the universe, choosing to help this planet in a time of awakening.

Now, the situations in your life and the stirrings in your heart are calling you to slumber no longer.  It is time to awaken!

You may feel as if you are drowning in social standards, separation and established expectations that are not serving your true nature or honoring the desires of your heart. These events are arranged to help you identify the illusion so you can start seeking the Truth.

We are living during a global event of ‘waking up’ and it is tearing down the illusions. It’s difficult for those stuck in their ways, adamant of their “righteousness”, scared to admit they might be wrong. However, it is only when we can accept the humbleness of knowing nothing, that we begin opening to Truth. This is the awakening! And, this awareness is part of Ascending (we’ll talk about that more later).  :)

We’re all on this path together, whether we are aware of it or not.  It’s just our timing that varies. How long you continue to dwell in your current vibration is up to you.  When you’re ready to release your judgement and be free – you will begin to feel the flow of love once more. It is flowing as an infinite wellspring radiating in all directions to all beings on this planet  – ALL the time. And it is designed for you!

You have been taught a reality of opposites and duality. yet, those are illusions. There are no opposites – only the forgetfulness of Truth.

Love, Joy, Peace –  these are just words trying to identify the bliss of perfection – The Truth. Yet no words can truly describe the love of the universe. You must know it and remember IT.

Trying to define it is like trying to capture a cloud and define it’s shape. I can attempt to tell you, but my attempt is like the blurry vision of a shadow of a shape looking through a 10 foot thick plastic lense and your perception would be even worse.  But I’m still going to try, I just can’t help myself…. LOL!

What I can tell you is that love and peace and joy are ALL that truly exist. The entire universe is Divinely created – by the Divine, of the Divine.

Call the Divine whatever you want – no offense is taken – for the Divine loves and loves and loves.  This is why the Divine languages are Love and Peace and Joy. They are everything and nothing at the same time. Because in nothing – everything exist.

Let me show you…  :)

Sonnenlicht (Sunlight)

You may wonder, ‘If God is everywhere and God is love, joy and peace…. Then why do I feel so bad. I can’t feel any of that and there are times when I can’t even remember what it feels like to feel good.’

My response starts with another question.  “Do you have any stress, worry, fear, anxiety or hatred within you?”

For it is through these lower vibrations that we block the truth, isolating ourselves in our own personal purgatory. You have literally created hell for yourself. This is your free will, but you don’t have to stay there any longer.

My dear friend, you are living in a creation of Divine Love, but we have also created a powerful creation of forgetfulness within the Truth. It is in this forgetfulness cloud that most people dwell. The forgetfulness is an illusion that separates you from Divine, for nothing ever really separates you from the Divine because all is Divine and you can not be separated from yourself…. but you can forget. As a powerful creator, this forgetting is of your making, and to re-discover who you are, well, that is your quest.

Are you ready to remember who you are, to reconnect and feel the Infinite flow again?

I giggle when I see the light of your truth… knowing you are experiencing exactly what is right for you to experience right NOW, in the exact form you have chosen to experience it.

I just wish you could see your true beauty Beloved. For your magnificence radiates like a star and instead of shining your light, you have covered it with layers, garments that you love to wear. As beautiful as they may be, they are nothing compared to the beauty of you.

Are you ready to be free? (please keep your clothes on… this is not an invitation for nudity – hahaha!)


It is the human costume that you claim as your identity. Do you remember that you existed before you started this life?

My breath catches in my throat when I get to see just a bit of your beauty peek out of your human costume. It’s what my heart longs to see – a peep show catching the true essence of who you are.

I know who you are, but it has been so long since I have seen you shine. All of the heavens wait to see you shine your light – to free yourself of the imaginary chains you currently believe are so real.

Everyone is given the opportunity to see and choose, to breathe and shift. The only true question is when? You will awaken once more to your truth. You will eventually release the anxieties, disappointments and anger. You will forgive and learn to trust again. It is possible, it will happen, you are not alone, the question is when would you like to do this?

There is an entire universe of love waiting to help you… all you have to do is ask. Ask with all of your heart and ask from deep in your soul for a more joyful way of living. Ask the heavens to help you and then start expressing gratitude for all the beauty of your life.  And, if you don’t remember anything else I share with you, remember this… Gratitude is the secret key to your successful re-discovery!


The inner truth of reality frees the heart and reveals the Divine heritage within. Fortunately, I am only one of many who are here to nurture humanity into the awareness of our inner truth.

Many of us remember making the choice to be here and together, we are lighting the path, making your journey easier and thus, fulfilling our purpose on Gaia. One day it will be your responsibility to light this path for another.

There is a Divine time to all things and it is true that not all beings are ready to awaken right now. As a guide, I am only able to help guide those who ‘ask’ for my help.  This path of awakening requires examining the difficult parts of yourself and healing the story of your existence.

So, I ask you…. Are you willing to make a difference, even if it means you must tear yourself down and rebuild yourself from scratch? 

If you are drawn to what I am sharing, then you’re probably ready. However, please understand, this is your natural course and there is no hurry. Time is not real… you literally have all the time in the world!  There is no need to worry or rush, yet, if you could remember how amazingly beautiful this bliss is, you would move forward as quickly as you can… because, it is worth everything you will go through (and so much more).

If you’d like an earthly guide to help speed up the process, reach out to me through phone or email and we can talk about your heart’s desires.  I offer classes, private meetings and extended programs – all geared at restoring your inner peace and reconnecting you to the love that fills the universe.  I can see into your life and find the blockages limiting you and help you restore a healthy flow. It gives me so much joy to see you realize your truth and all the heavens rejoice at your awakening.

Authenticity has become my way; awareness of the beyond has become my reality and experiencing the Oneness of ALL is my greatest joy. I am an individual perspective of a joyful Creator and did you know…. YOU are too!

Much love to you for we are Forever Spirits, living these temporary lives on earth. One day, we will all go beyond this incredible journey and start the next one. May we look back on this experience with beautiful memories and much love knowing we brought joy to the heart of Earth as we helped dissolve and lift the veil of forgetfulness.

In loving service,

Aliya Trinity  (contact Aliya)


 Now I see the secret of making the best persons.

It is to grow in the open air,

and to eat and sleep with the earth.

~Walt Whitman