A Love Letter To You

Dear Friend,

Within you is a spark I recognize as unique and special and Divine. It is this part of you that has lived for eons and will continue to live beyond the years of the body you now inhabit. Beloved, this is the part of you I am speaking to right now.

planet starYou may feel as if you are drowning in social standards, separation and established expectations that are not serving your true nature or honoring the desires of your heart. These events are arranged to help you identify the illusion so you can start seeking the Truth.

We are living during a global event of ‘waking up’ and it is tearing down the structural illusions of this reality. We’re all on this path together, it’s just our timing that varies.

How long you continue to dwell in your current understandings is up to you.  When you’re ready to release your judgment and be free – you will begin to feel the flow of love once more. It is flowing as an infinite wellspring radiating in all directions to all beings on this planet  – ALL the time. And it is designed for you!

Let me show you…  🙂

Sonnenlicht (Sunlight)

My dear friend, you are living in a creation of Divine Love, but we have also created a powerful creation of forgetfulness within the Truth. It is in this ‘forgetfulness cloud’ that most people dwell. The ‘forgetfulness’ is an illusion that separates you from Divine, for nothing ever really separates you from the Divine because all is Divine and you can not be separated from yourself…. but you can forget. As a powerful creator, this forgetting is of your making, and to re-discover who you are, well, that is your quest.

Are you ready to remember who you are, to reconnect and feel good in your heart and soul?

I just wish you could see your true beauty. For your magnificence radiates like a star and instead of shining your light, you have covered it with layers, garments that you love to wear. As beautiful as they may be, they are nothing compared to the beauty of you. Are you ready to be free? (please keep your clothes on… this is not an invitation for nudity – hahaha!)


It is the human costume that you claim as your identity. It’s time to shine your light – to free yourself of the imaginary chains you currently believe are so real. To accept the human part of you as only part of you… and to accept the greater part of you that has lived before and will live always.

Everyone is given the opportunity to see and choose, to breathe and shift. The only true question is when? One day you WILL awaken once more to your truth. You will release the anxieties, disappointments, and anger. You will forgive and learn to trust again. It is possible. It WILL happen. Maybe this life or the next. But eventually.

The question I am asking is is….

“WHEN would you like to do this?”

There is an entire universe waiting to help you… all you have to do is ask. Ask with all of your heart and ask from deep in your soul for a more joyful way of living. Ask the heavens to help you and then start expressing gratitude for all the beauty of your life.  And, if you don’t remember anything else I share with you right now, remember this… Gratitude is the secret key to your successful re-discovery!


The inner truth of reality frees the heart and reveals the Divine heritage within. Fortunately for you, I am only one of many here to nurture humanity into the awareness of our inner truth. We are like little lights spread across the globe… and as we share our love we spread our light. We do this best when we do this together and we wish for you to join us – in playfulness and gentle joy!

Many of us remember making the choice to be here and together, we are lighting the path to make future journeys easier for everyone else. One day it will be your responsibility to light this path for another, in humbleness, in kindness, and with lots of respect for our wonderful differences.

There is a Divine time to all things and it is true that not all beings are ready to awaken right now. As a guide, I am only able to help guide those who ‘ask’ for my help.  This path of awakening requires examining the difficult parts of yourself and healing the story of your existence.

So, I ask you…. Are you willing to make a difference, even if it means you must break your beliefs, concepts, and ideas into pieces so you can rebuild yourself ?

It takes incredible courage to accept this path. You must allow change in order to accept change. You must be willing to admit that everything you used to believe may be wrong as you release all old concepts and beliefs so that you can find truth.

If you are at that point? Willing to do whatever it takes. Willing to let go of those things that hold you back and rebuild yourself with clarity….  then you are ready for me to help.

Let’s be clear though. I will not walk your path for you and yet, I will help light the path so you can see it easier.

The dance of life can not be bottled for another time and saved for later. You are in it right now. In this very moment. If you want peace in your life you have to make a space for peace to exist within you. Then, when you find the sacred space within you, you find yourself.

I want to show you how to dream a new dream. How to hear the song of the universe and always find your way back home. As you learn more, your energy matrix changes and this effects all levels of you – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

However, please understand, this is your natural course and there is no hurry.  There is no need to worry or rush. Yet, if you could remember how amazingly beautiful this bliss truly is, I believe you would move forward as quickly as you can. It is worth everything you will go through (and so much more).

If you’d like an earthly guide to help speed up the process, reach out to me  and we can talk about your heart’s desires.  My business (www.alywillow.com) keeps me very busy at this time of my life. One day upon my transition to White Raven, I’ll be able come back to personal sessions and help you on an individual level. The goal is to help you restore your inner peace and reconnecting you to the love that fills the universe. Until then, you can use this website and follow me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/weareascending.

It gives me great joy to see you realize your truth, and I know you can do it with or without me.

Authenticity has become my way, awareness of the beyond has become my reality, and experiencing the Oneness of ALL is my greatest joy. I am an individual perspective of a joyful Creator and did you know…. YOU are too!

Much love to you, for we are Forever Spirits, living temporary lives on earth. One day, we will all go beyond this incredible journey and start the next one. May we look back on this experience with beautiful memories and much love, knowing we brought joy to life on Earth.

In loving service,

Aliya Trinity  (contact Aliya)


 Now I see the secret of making the best persons.

It is to grow in the open air,

and to eat and sleep with the earth.

~Walt Whitman