Align Your Chakras

ChakraAlignment-2x3-72dpi Close your eyes and relax as Aliya leads you through the journey of aligning your energy centers – restoring balance, strength, joy, understanding and peace. This helps heal the heart and brings awareness to your connection with earth and universal energies.

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Quiet Your Mind


The mind is accustomed to being in charge and it will fight to keep it’s place of priority, however, this tool quickly and effectively teaches it to be quiet. This is one of the fastest and most direct ways of teaching the mind to be quiet allowing you to move into the silence of everything.

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Remember Who You Are

lightA message of light and love from Mother Earth and the Sun to remember who you are.

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Grounding Tree

A guided meditation to strengthen grounding, align the energies of the body and reconnect with the earth and sun all with the help of our tree cousins. (14 minutes)

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The Solar Aura

Click on the photo to see NASA’s video of Voyager showing the heliopause of our solar system.

Our sun is incredible.

A magnificent being of light,

the heart of our sphere and

we are carried within it’s light.  

We are all part of the sun! 

What an amazing discovery! As above, so below…. energy fields exist around every living thing – we call them AURAS. This video shows the beautiful aura of our our sun.  Thanks to the Voyager probes, launched in the 70’s, we now have incredible information about our sun and it’s heliopause (the official name of the aura) that protects us as our solar system moves through the galaxy. Similar to the aura of the human body – it is a bubble of energy around us that moves and protects us.

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