Private Sessions

Private Sessions are normally 2 hours.  My focus in on your energy, where your blockages are and how to move past them. I stay open to my guides so I can share when they have higher wisdom to impart – and they normally dbutter1o.  I don’t tell the future. I also don’t tell you what to do or how to do it.

Instead, we will stay focused on your current situation, where your blockages are and how to get more health, clarity and insight…. to improve your life. Although I may briefly mention future events, I have learned it is best to let your free will choose your paths. My guidance will reveal much and give you clarity to make better decisions.

During these sessions, we discuss your issues, your challenges, your dreams and create a path, in clarity, to achieve your goals.  These sessions can be in person, phone or video-chat – whatever works for you.

Ascending – 6 months of sessions

If you desire more than one session a month, please sign up for the Ascending Program.  For those individuals in the Ascending Program. If you are in an emotional emergency situation, please contact me immediately (you will have my phone number) and I will attempt to be available for you immediately.

Scheduling Your Session

Please understand, when we give where we receive, we strengthen and enable those blessings to continue. As I give you more clarity and peace to enjoy your life and feel love, you are helping strengthening me and my family. Thank you.  🙂

Prior to your session, please send me an email with your concerns and specifics on what you’d like to achieve through a session. In addition, pay the invoice your receive (via email) for the session.

I will accommodate your schedule to the best of my ability. If scheduling a phone or video session, please arrange to be in a private area as the items we will be discussing could be very sensitive.


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