With the awakening from separation’s dream comes freedom. A remembering of our interweaving… how we are each uniquely special, collectively Divine.

It’s a graceful re-connection to the truth of who we are and as we come to understand and accept the grand design, we become a living being of compassion once more. Each transient breath an opportunity for immense joy, each heartbeat offering complete encompassing, healing love.

This is a path I can not walk for you, but like a light, I can guide you. 🙂

for each soul is responsible for it’s own awakening and growth.

Please remember, you are never alone. There are many signs and guides to help you see, to help you hear, to help you forgive, to heal the heart and help you move into your universal light of love. We help you jump over some of the traps ego creates and steady you when you lose your balance. It is not that we are better or superior to you, we have only entered the door before you and are turning on the lights to make your path a little easier. It is your determination and dedication that ensures your success. It is your desire that fuels the drive to move forward despite the illusions you have created and it is your intention that creates your joy!

Perhaps, you are ready to change and flow into joy…

to see the trials of life as a polishing stone to the rough diamond that you are.

Your soul being formed over eons, as you are shaped and carved into a magnificent being of light who is now stepping into awareness as if waking from a long slumber and stepping into the bright light of the sun.  At first, the light may overwhelm, however, ultimately we merge, accepting the gift so freely given. Bathing in it, our energy rises into universal harmony as we see the love of eternity and gain a universal understanding of our place in creation. We are awakening.

These truths have always been here and are still within you…

grounding you into your purpose for life on earth and hidden in our cultures and religions for millennium until the time of the awakening – until Now.

In quieting all the worries, stresses and anxieties of the past and future, you will hear a part of you, deep within, that easily discerns these truths. Feeling them, knowing them and trusting them – they lead to more understanding. Opening like petals on a flower basking in the sun, saying, “Know Thyself”.

You are the light

and it’s time for you to shine.  


“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,

places to play in and pray in,

where nature may heal and cheer

and give strength to body and soul alike.”

John Muir