Transcending the Trinity

I was gifted with a beautiful vision from our beautiful plant Earth and will share it with you…

Earth’s perspective:

We are Earth, some call us Gaia or Terra, but it is so much more. We are these things and so much more.

We find our self in the center – I am ‘the center’ – so much strength – very dense – the far side of the light – the darkness in the light – the birth – I see red, as if blood moving through me – sending me out in all directions – I flow through all the parts of me…. rising from the center towards the outer parts of me. I am the earth and my blood moves through my channels – outward – around – through – to all things.

I have formed so much – all the layers within me are of my making – all of my beauty is of my making – all of my life is of my making through the love that I receive – flowing through me – I flow.

As I move outwards, I see electric blue channels – they are deep within me – I move into them and flow – flowing – there are so many – deeper than the roots of a massive tree – outward I flow through them – they are me – then they move into the feet of a body that is me. I recognize it, I formed it, shaped it, moved upon it and started it’s heart when it first began. This is me. It is a part of me, all of it is me, and yet it is not all of me.

I flow through this creation that I have formed. It is me. The Love also flows through this body – flowing towards me – loving me – we flow together – always flowing together. I move outwards to the love and the love flows inward towards me.

The other one in this body believes she is separate from us. She doesn’t really understand that we are here with her all the time. She can not be here without us and yet, it is as if she has formed a bubble around her and sits outside of the body, in front of her chest – from belly to head… she is in a bubble, outside of my beautiful body – thinking she is alone – from that place, she cannot feel the flow of our love – yet we are always here.

Sometimes she moves within – allowing for an increase of our the flow and even then she still feels she is separate.

Why does she not recognize that we are with her – always?  

That while she is here,

she is one with us?

Aliya’s perspective:

After seeing this, I realize on a deeper level that which I already knew.

I knew I was made of Earth, yet now I feel….  I AM Earth.

I know I am Spirit – living in this earthly creation.

I am earth and spirit and me – all at the same time.

This is a Trinity. 

So, how do I pull myself into the body and merge with the above and the below…?

Then my heart tells me, it is the key!

In the heart, we are one.

This is where the three become one!!!

The lower is Earth (the flow of Creation). It is Earth through the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

The higher is Spirit (the ALL in many forms) through the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

My individuality my unique spark is in my heart (it is the child), joining the earth and the heavens.

Through the Heart we merge

and a new creation emerges.

Awareness of an individual created in the ALL
The I AM.

This is why the heart expands – it is the key to the holy union.

The three becoming one…

transcending separation 

into Oneness.

In oneness… in ALL.


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