Meditation is a path to inner peace and throughout the year, Aliya offers many meditation opportunities.

The workings of the mind

Within the mind there are stories that runs in circles focused on your doubts, worries, anxieties, fears, short comings, pains & regrets. We try to distract ourselves through work, activities, television, books and more because when we get quiet, those stories in our mind, that reflection in the mirror, can be difficult to live with. It affects our physical health and our mental stability. Meditation is a tool that teaches the mind to be quiet, and in this quiet state you begin feeling deep relief that calms the fears and releases the pain. In this quiet space you start hearing the song of your heart.

Prayer and Meditation = sharing and listening

Meditation is the partner of prayer, going hand in hand, for within the heart there is a soft still song singing silently through each moment of life. When we are quiet we can hear this song and feels like the voice of the Beloved. It’s melody is one of beauty without shame, joy without sadness, love without hate. Everyone has this song within and once the mind is quiet, your life becomes this song of joy. You radiate the transcendent love and your statement in life becomes ‘I grieve no more for I am love and I am joy’. This is an interfaith experience about developing and reconnecting to your spiritual self. It’s about quieting yourself and listening to the Divine Creator, the Beloved.

The Many Benefits

The following are just a few of the benefits of meditation:: It reduces anxiety attacks, enhances your immune system, relaxes the nervous system, increases focus & productivity, improves memory, increases serotonin (affecting your mood and behavior), helps you more effectively handle stressful situations, lessens aggressiveness, helps eliminate bad habits, helps cure insomnia, reduces road rage, increases listening skills, enables a more balanced personality, provides peace of mind, increases compassion, enhances wisdom, deepens your capacity to love yourself and others, increases the synchronicity of your life and develops an intimate relationship with the Beloved.

Fortunately, meditation requires no special equipment and is not complicated to learn. It can be difficult to reach a meditative state on your own, so, a gifted guide with a gentle voice and soothing nature can help lead you into this peaceful place. Guided meditative journeys are really perfect for those who claim to be unable to calm their minds. Once you understand how to achieve a meditative state, it can be practiced anywhere, at any given moment. It has no negative side effects and amazing benefits. The questions you should be asking yourself is, “Why am I not meditating?”

How to get started…

The YES I AM LOVED process is a powerful way to get started. First, it teaches you to quiet your mind. Second, it lifts your vibrational levels. Third, it puts you in a space to hear your heart and all the lovely things it has to say. This eventually lifts depression and restores your daily joy. Learn how to do it here.

ABOUT ALIYA… Aliya Trinity has been guiding meditation experiences for 8 years. She opened a holistic health center of the coast of NC and she has traveled extensively, sharing meditation techniques in churches, holistic centers, and other community events. She holds a deep compassion for all people, a love of nature, and a commitment to living in harmony with all. Her heart sees the sacred unity behind the illusion of cultural separation and her intention is to carry a light so others can see the path to calm their mind and free their hearts – opening to their inner joy and their inner peace.  For it is through this inner peace that outer peace is discovered. In all her actions, she is dedicated to this path of awakening and she offers private consultations, classes and workshops – all geared at helping people find their inner joy. Contact Aliya for more information.