Increasing Discernment

ChakraAlignment-6x9-72dpiJust a note about the throat chakra energy… remember it’s all about communication. Not just speaking, but hearing too. The ears, mouth and throat are all involved and having strength in this energy center increases your discernment, enabling you to listen and understand more clearly.

This can really help if you’re having an important discussion or need to improve your communication with someone. In order to strengthen the throat charka, you need to start by aligning ALL the chakras. There’s a few recordings on my website (below) to make it easier.

Here are a few benefits of aligning our chakras and balancing our energy…
– Relieves stress and restores inner peace.
– Balances the emotions and reconnects us to the joys of life.
– Strengthens the immune system and the overall operations of the body. We literally get healthier.
– Improves concentration and memory.
– Raises your vibratory frequency for higher spiritual development.
– Enhances creativity and clears blockages.