Ascending Chakras

The major points within our auric field are called Chakras. They are directly linked to the nervous system of the physical body and they behave very much like a garden hose. When kinked, the flow of energy is blocked, resulting in pain, loss of feeling and eventually disease. When aligned, they flow beautifully and we experience health and joy.

Of course, when you think about it, it all makes sense.  A dirty, unaligned energy field will cause problems. A clean, aligned energy field allows for an even flow, a healthy and more joyful life.

There is powerful healing and releasing experienced from gaining this knowledge. In fact, I often hear from others that once they understand how this energy field works, their whole life makes more sense.  It is common for tears to flow as this new understanding brings deep healing, a major shift in your awareness, allowing for a release of judgments and pain regarding past issues – bringing forgiveness and relief. This is because this information gives you a manual for life. Explaining how and why we experience things as we do.


We do much more than just “talk” about the chakras and auras. You learn to balance them in many different ways, you learn to clear, unblock, open and close them. All of this removes the mystery of their function, giving you the much more power in your life. So, your arms are falling asleep – that’s a block in your energy field. Do you want to know how to clear it up, and quickly?  Do you get dizzy often? This is an block of your energy flow. Give yourself a 10second alignment and the dizziness will instantly leave. Many illnesses and injuries are often cleared just through the continued balancing and clearing our your energy field.

This class opens you to a greater part of you that exist – it opens your awareness to the greater you. On the first day we focus on the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. On the second day, we are focused on the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. While we’re working with the third eye, we practice “seeing” the auras around the body and, YES, everyone can “see” the auric field with your own eyes.  It’s easy, just takes a bit of practice and it helps to have a guide show you how.

Fortunately, the more we work with our chakras and auras, the more we “feel” and “see” them.  This initiation give you a starting point.  I highly recommend you continue to balance your chakras many times a day as they are accustomed to disorder, and just like a muscle, they have memory and will return to their unaligned state. However, eventually, you will recognize when you are out of balance and because of this course, you will contain the knowledge on how to re-balance in just 10 seconds or less.


Want to Learn More?

Ascending Chakra Weekend –  How many times have you wished for a Manual for Life? Here it is! Understanding the chakra system is like having a manual for life and this intense 16 hour weekend is all about understanding the chakras and restoring balance to your life. Activate the awareness within you and restore your memory to your energy body. The chakras act very much like a garden hose, when kinked, the flow of energy is blocked, resulting in pain, loss of feeling and eventually disease. When aligned, they flow beautifully and we experience health and joy. You will learn to balance them in many different ways,  to clear & unblock them, to open and close them and to see the aura field with your own eyes (no fancy technology needed).  16 hours