What is Ascending?  Ascending is simply a word we use 

to describe an indescribable process of healing the heart.

It’s bringing the whole energy being of who we are 

into the Light of remembering.

Our words cannot adequately explain this process or it’s benefits – as it can truly only be understood when you have experienced it. It’s a multi-dimensional process – raising the frequencies of our human bodies into universal Truth. Stepping out of the illusion of forgetfulness into the remembrance of self, of the true everlasting, our connection to All That Is. 


As our understanding increases, hate turns to tolerance,

tolerance becomes acceptance

and acceptance leads to perfect love. 

Then we experience heaven on earth and a deep abiding inner peace.

It’s a process of shifting, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, often times over eons. Stepping out of duality we realize hate and love are not opposites. Hate is only a forgetfulness of love and once love is remembered, the forgetfulness disappears – duality loses it’s hold and the illusion fades. Every cell of our being awakens to this remembered way of truth – vibrating & shifting – becoming lighter, softer and stronger.  All pains and traumas stored within our body’s structure lift transformed into the bright light of perfection.

The heart and mind and spirit merge,

a Trinity of Oneness, 

singing the Divine languages of love and joy and praise.


We clear the blockages within the human body and connect the Divine with the essence of Earth – their love coursing through us as we channel, back and forth, from one to another.  The heart connects us in love… our mind clears, our voice rings truth, our ears discern, our soul is peace and our life is connected to the universal flow in ways we can’t even begin to imagine or describe.

Our whole being is lighter and brighter.

Our joy is ever present and we realize anxiety and worry

are no longer part of our reality.

Others notice a difference, they can see something is incredible, even if they don’t understand what they’re seeing. They recognize feeling better when we’re around and they miss us when we’re gone. They recognize the love we carry, as if it’s a forgotten memory, and they begin to form a deep desire for their heart to remember.

As we shift more into the truth of who we are,

so does everything around us shift.

Those in awareness, listening to their heavenly and earthly guides, are usually progressing at a faster pace, yet, the truth is we are all progressing.  It is the journey of our soul, of our heart, of our life, of the Earth. We are in this journey together and I wish you a showering of playful joy in its discovery.

Everyday is a new day… a  re-birthing…

Happy Ascending!