Learn to Quiet the Mind

IamLovedCards-6x9-72dpiOur culture is really great about training our minds to be always productive, yet, they don’t teach us how to turn it off and many people experience the frustrating circles of thoughts as the mind seems to go round and round regarding the same issues.

This creates increased stress and anxiety, or perhaps regret and sadness consume us. We lose our inner joy and we forget the beautiful things in life. (You might be able to remember that you’ve felt better at one point or another, but you won’t be able to remember exactly how it feels to feel better.)

Part of the ascension process is learning to open and live from your heart. This is a reality where your heart and mind are in union, working together as partners to achieve your greatest desires. It is an amazingly peaceful and comforting feeling. Like being wrapped in wings of love… standing firm and solid with strength and beauty.

However, many people have difficulty quieting the mind and in lacking this ability, they are slaves to their own minds. There was a time in my life I suffered this affliction too. For years I dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts. My despair was so deep and so heavy and nothing seemed to help. I became so frustrated with my powerful and never-ceasing mind (and all the pain and despair it caused). It was like living in the lowest pits of hell and finally I had enough. I demanded it to be quiet (or else!). I believe my exact words were “Shut the f*** up!”.

At that time, I was desperate for help and would have done anything for peace. It is funny to me now (and somewhat silly), because although I remember the pain of it, I don’t ‘feel’ the pain and despair anymore.

Since then, I have learned more gentle ways to calm the mind and I’ve been sharing this heartsong for years. As you practice this song within your heart, you will train your mind to listen to your heart. This will enable it to work with you, not against you, as it becomes a tool as your disposal (instead of a tyrant manipulating your life).


Of course, you still need a strong will to make this happen, because, you must practice the song to open your heart. Like a muscle that needs training, in order for your heart to open and your mind to listen, you must practice.

There is a recording here,  enabling you to practice in your own home & in your own time. This heartsong is a fast and powerful way to quiet your mind. The heartsong is simply a four word phrase “YES I AM LOVED”, however, how you use these words makes all the difference in the world.

These specific words are very important because of the energy they carry and how they heal.  First, it teaches you to quiet your mind. Second, it lifts your vibrational levels. Third, it puts you in a space to hear your heart and all the lovely things it has to say. This eventually restores your inner joy! 🙂

3 Options for You…

Listen to one of the mp3 recordings (choose between a long or short versions)  or read the information below.

Yes I Am Loved – long version (10 minutes)

Learn to quiet the mind! The mind is accustomed to being in charge and it will fight to keep it’s place of priority, however, this tool quickly and effectively teaches it to be quiet. This is one of the fastest and most direct ways of teaching the mind to be quiet, allowing you to move into the silence of joy, beauty, peace and love.  Listen to the recording for instructions or you can read them here. (10 minutes)

Yes I Am Loved – long version (6 minutes)

Listen to the recording for instructions… (6 minutes)

Learning the Technique

Ideally, it’s best to find a place to be alone and to close your eyes and listen to the recordings (or to join one of the classes where I teach this heartsong). It’s easier than you can imagine, however, your mind will fight you, so I recommend you set a timer and dedicated at least 10-20 minutes a day to this heartsong (increasing the time as you are able).  Before you begin practicing, tell your mind how long you are dedicating and that you will not stop – for any reason – until that specific time is finished. Eventually, it will learn to follow your instructions.


Here are the directions:

STEP 1: Close your eyes and balance your chakras. It will allow everything to happen easier.

STEP 2: Start with the word ‘YES’.  Hold the idea of the word YES in your mind. Keep this image of YES, the feeling of YES, the concept of YES in your mind and don’t allow anything else to come into your mind. Hold onto YES with everything you have (like a drowning person would hold onto a life raft). Let it plow through all the other thoughts (like a surf board skims across a wave or a bird flies through a cloud). Keep it in motion and hold onto it…. Allow it to expand and become the only awareness you have.

Eventually you will become aware that you are in stillness. 

(in my mind I am plowing through my thoughts and my focus is on this word YES and I don’t allow anything else to come into my focus. I don’t allow anything else to distract me. I hold my focus on the word YES and I hold it there and I hold it there and I plow forward in a straight line with strength and confidence and determination. Eventually, I notice all the thoughts stop. When this happens, I release the word YES and I’m in a state of peace. I’m in this open expansion of joy. I feel relief.)

At first this feeling will probably last just a moment, because, you’re not accustomed to it and your mind will fight for the power that it wants. It may say something like, “Am I thinking? Of course I am. I am wondering if I am thinking and so I am obviously thinking. See, this is never going to work! This is not even a logical concept. You can’t stop thinking! Why did even think this might be possible? If I stop thinking, I might as well stop existing. I just need to get up and do something practical and productive. Only lazy (or crazy) people would consider this possible. I need to stop wasting time.”

The mind may give all sorts of distractions and doubts as to why this isn’t working. So, before you begin this technique, it’s really wise to turn a timer on and make sure it’s set for a specific amount of time you are determined to practice this technique. Eventually, you will win and you will gain control.

Once, you’ve gone into that peaceful place, and you’ve experienced that for just a moment, the mind is going to come in with it’s thoughts. As soon as you realize your thinking again, that’s okay, you’re just going to pick up the next word.

STEP 3: Now, remember there are four words in this heartsong.  The second word is “I”. This is just a word, a statement of who you are. You have a presence. There is something about you that is aware and you are going to hold onto this concept of “I” and your going to hold it and keep it within your mind, your framework, within your focus, so nothing else will distract you.

You’re just going to focus on “I”. You may see it as the letter “I” or feel it as a concept. Whatever works for you is fine. Grab hold of that feeling and let it be what you’re focused on. Plow through, in a straight line, just plow through all those other thoughts until they go away and you are in that peaceful place again. It may last a little longer this time, or maybe not. The mind may be putting up a battle here and that’s okay.

STEP 4: When you’ve lost the peacefulness and you realize you’re thinking again, pick up the next word and the next word is “AM”. There’s an incredible energy that goes with the word “AM”. So far, you have said the first three words. “YES – I – AM”. And, you’re putting an intention in these words. There’s a lot of energy carried within them and you’re not allowing anything else to distract you.  Your focused on the word “AM”. You hold this word just as you did the two prior words. You hold it and you hold it and you use it to plow through all the thoughts that come into your mind until all the thoughts go away you are in that peaceful place again. There is relief there.

STEP 5: Now, If you start thinking, “Oh, am I feeling relief? Yes, I’m feeling relief. Now I’m thinking again.”

That’s okay. You’re not accustomed to a calm mind, so, it’s going to take some practice. As soon as you realize you’re thinking again, you want to pick up the fourth word “LOVED”. You hold this word LOVED. You put your focus on it and you don’t allow anything else to distract you. So, again, no matter if you just feel it, or you see it, or you say it, or think it… whatever is necessary for you. You’re going to hold onto that concept and use it to plow through all the thoughts. As they come at you, you don’t pay attention to them. You don’t acknowledge them. You don’t give them any recognition. You just hold onto this life raft of LOVE and, eventually, all those thoughts are going to go away and you’re going to be in that peaceful place again.

REPEAT STEPS 2-5 (UNTIL YOUR TIME IS OVER): That peaceful place may not last long… and that’s okay. As soon as it goes away, you are going to start again with the word ‘YES’. It is this determination (this determination of the never ending rotation) that makes your mind realize, “Is she(he) really going to do this for 20 minutes?”

YES….. I….. AM….. LOVED


Even though the words are very powerful, the most powerful part of the heartsong are the spaces in between the words. This is where the stillness is found (and in the stillness is EVERYTHING).

Stay focused on this and don’t allow anything to distract you. Eventually, your mind is going to realize you are determined. It’s going to see that being quiet doesn’t mean that it dies. It doesn’t mean that you lose intelligence. In fact, the opposite it true. You actually gain clarity. You actually gain focus. You actually improve your memory. Because there’s a higher power now that is guiding your mind, directing your mind – instead of your mind running wild and crazy, going all over the place. There’s some focus here, there’s intention here.

The four words are YES I AM LOVED. You don’t really say them as a mantra, although it may be good to start this way.

Here’s an outline of the technique.

  1. Align your chakras
  2. Start your timer (20 minutes is a good place to start, however, the more time you give it, the faster you will see results.
  3. Use this heartsong as a mantra – repeating it over and over until you become familiar with the words.
  4. Then go into the practice of holding one word at a time. Hold it in your mind.. YES…. (until all the thoughts stop and you’re in peace). Once the thoughts start again you pick up the next word… I…. (until all the thoughts stop and you’re in peace). Once the thoughts start again you pick up the next word… AM… (until all the thoughts stop and you’re in peace). Once the thoughts start again you pick up the next word… LOVED… (until all the thoughts stop and you’re in peace). Once the thoughts start again you pick up the next word… YES…. (until all the thoughts stop and you’re in peace). Once the thoughts start again you pick up the next word… I… (until all the thoughts stop and you’re in peace). Once the thoughts start again you pick up the next word… AM… (until all the thoughts stop and you’re in peace). Once the thoughts start again you pick up the next word… etc…

Eventually the mind will learn. It will be quiet. Eventually, you will find the peace within you. Eventually, and maybe faster than you can imagine, you are going to feel real relief from your anxieties and worries.

Beloved friend, I wish you many blessings on this journey.

Once your mind and heart are in unison, your daily life will change! The power to remain calm in stressful situations will be yours. The ability to enjoy inner peace is yours. Of course, you can still use this heartsong to help you get through the stressful times of life, however, it will be needed less and less as your ability to find inner peace, regardless of the outside experiences, increases.


“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” Rachel Carson su