How Are You

When you ask “How are you?” What do you mean? Do you really care about how the other person is feeling or are you just asking because it’s polite, because it’s expected.

In choosing a path of authenticity, I have come to realize the importance of this question. In getting to know you better, I ask this phrase often. This is what I mean when I say, “How are you?”  I mean, when you close your eyes and all the distractions melt away and you feel the center of your being. How are you?

It is about hearing you.  It’s about seeing what you’re seeing and feeling what you’re feeling. Because in learning where you are, I’m learning where we are in our process of awakening. You see, the things concerning you may be very similar to those concerning my other friends or my neighbors…. and if I could just find out what those are, perhaps I can help or at least know how to offer help.

If we would each take just a moment longer to find out how the people around us are feeling, how they are handling life, we could all help make a better world. So, next time you ask this question, let that person know that you really care and that you’d really like to know.