Ascending Program

Are you ready for some major shifting and clarity in your life? To release your deepest fears and understand your true place in the universal plan. These weekly sessions, over a 6 month period, are for those who place a priority on their spiritual growth and are ready to be authentic in everything. Are you ready to change your world? To change who you are and what you can achieve? 

This opportunity is for those who know there’s more to life… and are willing to seek it out. Understanding everyone moves at their own pace and my job is to help you see, to clear your vision, to find your blockages and guide you towards the next step of your path to awakening. It’s about you becoming your truth!

Each session builds upon itself… upon your growth. Allowing you to release emotional pains, open to love, appreciate the body, find pleasure in your life, activate your vitality center, increase your self esteem, break attachments, release anger, find forgiveness, connect to your guidance, calm your mind, heal your heart, and so much more.

Beyond Understanding

I wish I could explain it in a way you could understand, however, there is no way to truly explain this awakening – words are far too simplistic. It can only be experienced and it is highly personal. It’s about initiating a shift within your vibration – an opening to change – a paradigm shift. Once there, you will recognize it! 😉

It’s about real Joy & Inner Peace

This isn’t about joining an organization, getting a new title or a certificate. There is nothing to prove to anyone else… just you. It’s personal, inner work – and I can’t do it for you. Only you can do it. I just guide you through the maze of distorted energy so you can easily see those things to eliminate or strengthen in your life. Don’t worry, there’s no need to give up your job or possessions because it’s all about changing what’s inside you. These sessions empower you with an inner strength and peace that never goes away.

If your ready to make a commitment to yourself to make this happen – no matter what – then you’re ready.

Comments from you:

“At age 50 I had spent years and thousands of dollars in therapy. I had been admitted several times into psychiatric wards and was the proud owner of many labels – manic depressive, bipolar, obsessive compulsive and suicidal. Overall, I was miserable. 

Then, I ran into Aliya at a gas station and a smile and short conversation led to learning the 3 ascending tools she shares. They made such a huge difference in my life. I asked for a few counseling sessions to help with the misery I was experiencing in my marriage and career. The relief was incredible and I knew I must take her 6 month ascending course. I’m so happy I did!

At first I thought it was luck that had led me to her and then I realized I was guided by so many things – it was absolutely meant to be. I had been living in a very confused state and now I am free! My heart is light and soft, my world is beautiful, my job is amazing and my wife is my best friend. All of these blessings surround me and the truth is that nothing changed except for me.

For the first time in my life, I live in paradise – everyday. There are still things happening around me that use to cause anxiety – now I see them differently and everything in life offers me new opportunities. Aliya’s guidance through this process led to some of the most amazing experiences of my life.

I would get stuck on an issue for days and a few minutes on the phone with her would clear it up and bring me so much peace. I cleared out pains and traumas from my whole life – they are completely gone – I don’t feel the pain anymore. If fact, they are treasures. Can you believe that? I treasure all those experiences in life – wow!

She didn’t tell me the secrets to this joy, she gave me the tools to find the way out of the maze. I owe my life, my joy, my marriage, my career and my inner peace to Aliya, my earthly angel.” Mike P.


“Life is perfection. I didn’t see until I took this course and I am completely changed. My physical and mental health were very damaged.  Aliya helped me find myself and everything in my life is better because of it. She always had so much patience, even when I was completely chaotic.

Now I am Peace where I use to be pain.  I am Love where I use to be fear.  I am joy everywhere I go, in everything I do.  It is deep, omnipresent. and she is right. No one can ever take it away… it is mine. Thank you Aliya for this most precious gift – my life is made anew!” Jocelyn B


“Joy joy joy down deep in my heart, deep in my heart to stay … and I love it. And I’m grateful. And life is heaven. And it feels so good. And I am awesome. Like for really real.” April S.

We do it together…

Most of the people I work with are in extreme states of misery and feel like their whole life is confused, blocked, out of control. No matter your emotional state or spiritual search, if you are ready to make a difference in your life and willing to do the work – this program can help you. I know this because it is more than just me helping you. My guides and your guides work together creating the changes in your life. It only takes your intention, choice and time.  

Life continues…

Sessions are available through phone or video-chat, so you can continue your life as you make these discoveries. The six month window is very important as it enables you to experience many highs and lows – eventually integrating your new understanding into your everyday reality. I help you stay on course, however, ultimately, the path is yours to make and your dedication to the work will determine your success.

What do we do?

This is more than just a weekly phone call. You will be asked to focus on things, to do things, to achieve goals and more… While reviewing your progress each week, I check your energy fields and share the next direction for your focus – leading towards greater understanding in all things.

Getting Started

I usually only work with a few people at a time, so if you are interested,  contact me to see if I have space right now. I trust the universe to move you in my direction when you are ready and I am available. A short interview and a questionnaire, covering the basics of your life, your goals, your dreams and your blocks will help us get ready. Please understand, once you begin to wake up to the truth, you can not go back to the way it was. Your inner being will change and when it does – everything outside of you will change as well

  • Cost: 26 sessions (2 hr/weekly) over a six month period. $3330 one time (cash or check) or $555/mth for 6 months… If paying monthly, six checks are required in advance with the appropriate monthly pre-marked dates. If you wish to pay by debit or credit card, then a 3% fee is added to cover the extra charges I receive.
  • Appointments are scheduled in advance, and can be adjusted if requested. Phone or video-chat are available for those who don’t live locally (and are just as powerful as the in-person sessions).
  • These are highly personal sessions and it’s best to have a private quiet space to talk on the phone or video-chat.


Contact  me to discuss your details or if you have questions.


“And forget not

that the earth delights 

to feel your bare feel

and the winds long to play with your hair.”

Kahlil Gibran