Choosing a Different Feeling

Yes, the tears fell – how could they not? So many children lost, so many unique lives ended too soon in the Connecticut Kindergarten shooting. My own son was in his Kindergarten class, just a mile down the road and my initial response was to go get him, immediately. To hide and protect him from the monsters that lay in wait. I was struck with the fear they must have faced having a gunman in the school and the horror of not having a way to defend themselves. My humanity and heart was caught in the sadness, shock, pain, fear, grief, confusion….

Breathe – I am telling myself. Then I began relaxing, reminding myself my son will look to me for guidance in this situation and although I would prefer to live in a peaceful world, our reality holds hidden dangers throughout and he will learn this in time.  I wonder how a soul could become so lost as to take the lives and innocence of others. What a cruel lesson to share. Did he not feel love, hugs? Where did it go wrong?

I release all of those things – dwelling on them only creates pain within me – breathing – I search for something that will help and I find a small opening and microshift upwards…  I think of all the teachers who were hiding children, protecting them with their lives. These underpaid heroes who sometimes unselfishly promote themselves into the position of a human shield for our children. I realized how much I love our teachers, how much they love our children and I appreciate them with my whole heart.

This is also when I remembered, we may not be able to control the actions of others and we may never understand them, however, our prayers, meditations, and friendships do make a world of difference.

Yay – I did it. Moved right up the emotional chart and found my peace. It was a bit more intense then this, but you get the idea.  😉

As I am dwelling in my now moment, which is currently a beautiful meditative state, I confess that I love unconditional love – it’s a relief – it’s perfection even when surrounded by the chaos of physical life. It reminds me true life is eternal and love is omnipresent. So, I am sending this incredible unconditional love as a continuous wave to all beings – to remind us we are always loved – even when our hearts are breaking and things don’t make any sense.

In meditation and prayer I find a space of unconditional love where peace exist and has no opposite. It’s a place of constant love – where the heart praises and the mind is lifted into serenity. Through this ‘heavenly’ state it became clear to me how we create energy patterns that radiate out from us, affecting our environment, in fact, our whole world. Meditation trains our mind to work for us instead of against us and whatever we are focused on – grief, anger, pride, joy, love, peace – it all radiates from us like light waves, affecting everything around us. When we train our mind and follow our hearts to higher planes, it raises our vibrations and these vibrations carry into existence further than we can imagine.

Right now, Earth and all her inhabitants are asking for help and we have much to offer. It’s easy to join with others in your area  – creating new groups, new friendships, and learning to love life together. Through living and learning and meditating together, we remember how important meditation is in our lives, how it affects others and how to keep it a daily priority. This can be especially challenging when we live in a society built on such different priorities. Changing the vibrations together, we lift everyone with us.

If you’d like to be part of meditation support group – through phone conferencing – let me know.

sending loving ascending light… to the hearts of all.