Who Am I?

I watched as her response made him angry. His whole body was rigid and I wondered if he realized how easily he was manipulated, how easily he was prone to anger? Does he really want to continue living in this pain? To be so easily affected by the little things in life, to so easily lose his joy….

I doubt it. I feel we all are searching for love, searching for a measure of peace. Looking for joy or at least something that feels better than anger and disappointment.

I started this personal search within me several decades ago and I am still learning who I am. Learning who I choose to be. Clarifying what I desire out of my life. Yesterday I choose to create more clarity in my life and this morning my inner voice gave me a 33 day challenge to help with this clarity.

GOAL: Every night review the day and the moments when your consciousness shifts up or down. Review what initiated the change and how you responded. Look into the situation and ask for the purpose of your specific response to be revealed.

When I remember each person responds differently to the same things, I am given a hint that my response is not necessarily “right” or “wrong”. It just is the way I do it and it is helpful to understand why I respond the way I do because I discover more about me and how to create the life I desire.

In this knowing, comes understanding and the ability to shift my choices and create a different response that leads me towards the path I choose to live – one filled with peace, love, joy and beauty.  I learn who I wish to be and how to make that happen.

Loving you – and me too!