Water Prayer

The water comes out of the faucet… I sniff and turn away… it stinks of chlorine. Then I hold it to my heart and I pray…

I see waterfalls and water rapids and underground streams and I share these visions with the water – reminding it of the beauty it contains. I open to the universe and share my joy and my life… a complete, unconditional love as endowed by the creator and I merge with the water seeing this beauty from it’s view. When I open my eyes and smell the water… It smells like rain. I drink the water, it taste sweet, like a mountain spring.

Others have asked if the flouride and chlorine are still in the water after the prayer. I do not know. I only know that the prayer makes it taste and smell wonderful and I trust the creator can easily correct our mistakes.

It takes time to pray with the water and sometimes I forget and try to drink it without the prayer. I am quickly reminded as the water taste bad straight from the faucet. Dr. Emoto, the water crystal expert, shares with us an beautiful prayer for the water (and he has scientific proof to it’s effectiveness).

“Water we love you. Water we thank you.” 

If healing our water is possible through prayer, just think what we can do with our planet which is 70% water. Just think of what we can do to our food… our environment, our body! Everything around us is full of water.

Science tells us that energy is not created nor destroyed, only transformed. This is a powerful tidbit of information.  We see energy transformed every day. It is a truth of this world, perhaps of the whole universe. In this case, my Prayer (my energy) is directing it’s focus, merging with the energy of water and activating our universal love – transforming the water and transforming me.

Imagine this… if God was all that existed in the beginning, then part of God was transformed into the universe as we know it. If this is true, then the universe, all things, are made by God and OF God. We are surrounded by God, we are in God, we are of God. You could say we are children of God, a small part of the larger whole.

I once had a vision of hiding in a cave and then the Creator showed me that the cave was part of the Creator and I was part of the Creator… and that it was silly to think I could hide. I could never really hide from myself because I am in all places at all times.

This vision showed me the world is an illusion, an illusion of separation so we can experience one’s self without already knowing who we are. As humans we are earth beings. Our human life is about living in harmony with Earth, with her water, with her love, with her life. Our bodies are smaller parts of the whole of Earth and our spirits are smaller part of the whole of creation. My body thinks in limitation, but my soul knows I am eternally connected. This means we have access to all that has been created – we can access the whole of earth, universe – all of creation. We have access to it all.

May your water remember the waterfalls and the rapids. May it feel the depth of the earth once more and the rays of the sunlight which bring so much love. May you share your gift of love with the water that it may share it’s loving gift of life with you; remembering we are symbiotic partners in this dance of life.