A Planet of Transformation

This physical reality is about energy transformation & renewing from one form into another.

In your backyard, under a beautiful tree is a mushroom. It is made of the same elements of all things on earth – only arranged in a way that makes a mushroom. The cells actually take on the role of the mushroom and form that life.

The mushroom knows it is a mushroom and with this knowledge it holds itself together as the mushroom. As a unit, it’s cells transform the energy from the dirt & water to renew itself – growing larger and healthier, towards the sun.

Then a bug comes along and eats the mushroom. Many of those mushroom cells are now assimilated into the bug and become part of the bug. They are aware they are the bug and they are doing their job and providing for the bug.

A bird comes along and eats the bug. The cells of the bug are now transformed into the bird and the bird is renewed & refreshed. Some of these cells are assimilated into the bird and are responsible for supporting the bird – they are now part of the bird and they do their job well. They hold the bird together.

A cat comes pounces on the bird and many cells of the bird are assimilated into the cat – becoming part of the cat. They take on their new responsibilities and perform them well.

The cat is loved by a child and over the years he assimilates many animals which all help restore and renew the cat. One day, when the cat is very old, his cells are tired of being the cat. He takes his last breath as a cat and his family lovingly buries him in the back yard under a beautiful tree.

The cells of the cat return to the dirt… supplying energy for bugs and creating a nutrient rich soil.

The next spring, under the beautiful tree in the backyard, where the soil is rich with nutrients, a new batch of mushrooms pop up and a bug takes a little nibble.

Death of the body is not a bad thing, just transformation from one to the next. We are of the earth and we eventually return to the earth.

I choose for my body to be renewed over and over until the time comes that it is tired of being a body and my spirit leaves… Then I choose for my body to return to earth. To be planted with seeds, spores and love…. in a thin framed wooded box allowing earth to reach in and transform my body back to itself.  Plant a tree on me. A willow tree. The cells of my body will nourish the earth, becoming a mighty willow tree of great beauty – healing and comforting – the bark of my tree has soothed pain for centuries and my fronds restore peace to the heart… a continuation of my human life.

As the real me (my spirit) returns to earth to visit with my friends and family who are still here, and help them on their paths, I also know my physical body exist within the tree, within the earth.  The earth is related and part of me… in Oneness, we are always together. Separation is illusion. We are one.