Digital “Vision Board” Slideshow

Ever hear of a ‘VISION BOARD’? Making one usually involves a lot of magazines and hours of searching through them, cutting the best photos or words out and then pasting your favorites onto a poster board. It’s an effective way to be intentional, but old fashion.

Here’s what I recently did. I made a bunch of 10×18’s pages in Photoshop and added photos for different subjects. I made one page for Peru, several pages for the Yucatan, lots of pages of what I want my house to look like, pages of my ideas of fun, and on and on until I had over 40 separate boards. A bunch of them are just beautiful images I found online and of course I was finding all the photos online – no more magazines. Then I mingled pictures of my kids and all the members of my family and put the pages into a folder for my screensaver and set it on a slideshow option.

Yes, it still took an afternoon or more, but it was alot of fun and now, when I leave my computer for a few minutes, I come back to my personal slideshow of the 60+ incredible files – showing my life and my dreams. I see them all the time!!!

I love it and it’s a really cool manifestation tool – a digital vision board slideshow. Just be careful what you ask for…

I forgot to imagine a home on my first board, instead, it depicted travel and wind and flowing movments. My life turned out exactly as I had created it. It was eerie for me and all of those who saw it and I learned a powerful lesson about Vision Boards – if you want a home… make sure you add it. It wasn’t a concern of mine… and now it is.

It is important lesson – to focus on a well balanced, stable life. My current vision boards are full of tropical scenes, beautiful bathtubs, soft beds and raw foods, however, I live in the mountains of VA, so it was my goal to incorporate those dreams with the stability of my home, surrounding by my love. 😉

Now it’s just a matter of living life because I know it will happen. My intentions have been clarified and brought into the physical in a way that they are real to me. I see them, I feel them… it’s just a matter of time… a manifestation of my focused intention.

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