Please Listen for the Truth

Every word that is spoken does not contain truth. The media and government in the US (maybe in other countries too) are not sharing the whole truth. If you listen, you will recognize that something sounds odd. If you look up the facts, you can see the truth is different from what they are saying… Please use your discernment and BE more aware of your environment.

Here is a video to watch from a major news network….,AAAAB_wnNRk~,WN9MweAQd_tBaI99JKgDAcW3bUx7peWv&bctid=1125829234001  This scientist is very clear that these two large earthquakes in the US on the same day are not connected. Really?

Now, look at this…  and this…

My intention is for us to listen for the truth… to understand the planet we live on… to be prepared. I respect the man who runs this site…  and feel it is a great resource for us to enjoy.  He doesn’t encourage fear, however, he does acknowledge truth. Be here now… trusting what is around us to be as it truly is instead of wishing it to be different than it’s natural way.

Now, we can walk in joy and acknowledge this planet is moving right under our feet. It is the natural order of things and all is well.