A great idea for today is to have a great day!

“I hope today is a great day!”……. This seems like a positive statement to most people, however, “hope” implies there is a possibility that today may not be a great day. It may be a bad day… and you are waiting to see which way the day goes.

Great, bad, slow, boring, fun… these words are words of judgment, our translation, our opinion of the situation.

We tend to think our opinion is correct and therefore it must be correct for everyone else. For example, a young man getting a motorcycle may be excited and think everyone should be excited for him. Perhaps his girlfriend is thrilled, but his friends are jealous and his mother is terrified. They are each justified in their opinions, which are ‘right’ for them, however, not appropriate for each other.

Your opinion is your judgment of the situation based upon your perspective. Changing your perspective will many times change your opinion. We refer to this as ‘being in someone else’s shoes’. Several funny movies have been made with this concept – where the spirit (or soul) or a mother and daughter or sisters exchange bodies. They get a different view of the world and many times drastically change their opinions and judgments of situations and people.

In real life, we may experience something as a child and then later, as an adult, we are amazed at how differently we see the place, person or situation. It is very wise to remember that our opinions are not ‘right’ – they are only right for us at that specific time and place based upon what we are focused upon – that’s our perspective. Change our focus or put us in another time or place and our perspective will be different and more than likely so will our opinion.

Many times children aren’t even sure what to think of situations. They will watch the people around them in order to figure out what response is appropriate. This is one of the reasons our children so easily learn to behave as we do, even taking on our facial expressions.

Even in the same situation, there is always more than one way to look at it. There is always a so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ way to see it. The cup is half empty or half full concept comes to mind. I refer to this as our FOCUS. You can focus on the bad or the good. So, you have a flat tire…. how can you see good in this? Perhaps you will avoid an accident that might have happened, perhaps it’s better than a blow out on the highway going 70mph, perhaps someone will help you change it and a moment of friendship will be shared. 

Since your focus and your perspective create your translation of the experience, your experience is COMPLETELY in your control – do you wish to be happy or sad? Excited or scared?  If you wish to have a GREAT day, then see the GREATNESS within. If you don’t, please remember, you are the one translating your day. You are the one who has control over your translation, your experience of the day.

Our days are always blessed with endless beauty and joy….  and my wish is that we see all the blessings around us, in every moment. Every day is a great day – you just have to see it… In fact, a great idea for today is to have a great day!