Truth is all around us

“Till the day doth break forth,
And the shadows have fled away,
I will get me unto the mountain of myrrh,
And unto the hill of frankincense.”

The more I learn about these healing resins, the more and more that I see the properties within them –  their gifts are revealed as to their ability to restructure our bodies…

Truth is love and love surrounds us every moment of every day. It is only our focus that allows us to see it or not. For you do not bring it to you, there is no space that separates you save for your awareness.

Fortunately, the truth is all around us, to see the healing properties, we only need to look. It is all established to love us, every stone, every plant and every living being, they are various forms of love expressing.

It is our choice to share the love.

It is our choice to accept the love.

The world is what we make it to be.