Transcending the Trinity

I had a dear friend transition a few days ago and I feel such a sense of loss realizing I will not see this vibrant, beautiful man again during this life. He did things others only dream of doing – he lived the most free life I have ever seen – he will be missed.

At the same time, I am fully aware that death doesn’t really exist – we are eternal beings and my dear friend has only moved into another part of our truth – back to a place we have been before. Eventually, we will all move beyond this world into another place and we will realize our loss was only temporary. We are forever spirits.

I dedicated my today – to him – his holy’ness.  He was a generous light being, a double-jointed yogi, and a lover of life…   I spent today in meditation – in honor of him – and was gifted with a beautiful vision from the earth…  Transcending the Trinity