Transform Japan through LOVE

Energy cannot be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed.

Many years ago, as I studied the sciences, I found this statement fascinating and fell in love with the feeling of expanding my mind to potentials I have never considered. This passion for the sciences has never left me and is one of the many reasons that I continue to pursue greater understanding of the workings of our universe.

As I look out and see the tremendous energy released from Japan due to the 9.0 earthquake on March 11th and the ensuing tsunami and nuclear disasters, I am reminded of this statement.

Energy cannot be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed.

My understanding of energy has surpassed the normal acceptance of society as I feel, see and move energies of the body and the environment around me. During an astral experience I once saw a being of light (similar to you and me) transform all the energy from 3 nuclear bombs – slowing it down and shifting it into a state of love so it was gently released across the planet as a wave of love.

She shifted the energy from destruction to love. Energy can be transformed.

My heart tells me “we” as a world of energy workers, could easily do this… if we would just put our intention, focus and love on this energy to transform it into the beauty, joy and love of the creator – we would succeed and herald in a new era for our planet.

Will you do this with me?

Will you intentionally choose to put your focus, your love on Japan and transform this energy?

  • We know the space that separates us in not really there.
  • We know we are all connected.
  • We know energy can be transformed.

We are the lightworkers, the rainbow warriors, the ones who can make a difference. The whole world watches in horror…  that only increases the pain.

Let’s make a difference. As beings in awareness, our focus and intention is powerful. As beings with a strong and clear connection to source, we carry more energy than all the fear combined. Fear is the deceiver.

Be the light… be the truth… We can do this.

Do not focus on the destruction and despair. Send your love. Transform the energy.  Those who are not awake, they do not know how to do this.

You, the awaken ones… you know how to transform energy… you are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The whole universe awaits your instructions…

Send love –

complete, clear love from your inner being, your true self and your higher self.

See the energy in Japan as love.

Send your love directly into and around the nuclear plants.

Mingle your love with the love in Japan.

Hold Japan in your heart and love her.

See her as LOVE.

Love her island and all her peoples

and know all is well.

Love her plants and her beautiful dirt.

Love her water and her precious animals.

Clean, healthy… Love every part of her… unconditionally – in perfect love.

See her as beautiful.

See her as whole and healthy –

thriving and abundant.

See her people living in harmony with her… in harmony with the earth.

See all the people of the earth – living in harmony.

Send this wave of pure intention, of pure love so it travels across the planet,

gently… gently… gently…

spreading the energy of love to every part of our world.

Remember you are a FOREVER SPIRIT – Be the love.