To me, it is about being in a state of praise.

I instruct my mind to quiet itself
and I move into my heart,

feeling it expand

I send love to all things

and I dwell in the space of Divinity, listening.

As this unfolds, joy is what I become.
and a light of such beauty and radiance
my entire existence
dwells in this neverending expanse.

My body feels it too. It vibrates, as if I am floating; an electric charge coursing through me.  This energy of love wraps around me.

It moves through me
and I once again remember who I am.

All else is just illusion.

There are layers to the exploration –
unimaginable things – so much beauty.

It is the pure love of the Creator.
It is where my true being
is one of joy and beauty.

It is where peace exist and has no opposite.