Creating An Energy Matrix

This is a powerful tool for manifestation and it’s basic design is based upon the Lo Shu and the Ba Gua maps of Feng Shui. In this case, I have incorporated the symbol of the 8 petaled lotus flower representing perfect rhythm, balance, cosmic order, regeneration and a state of completion, of happiness.

Because of the tremendous change that can occur,  I recommend only setting up one area at a time.  Just choose the area that you desire immediate change and focus on it right now.  Then wait a few days or weeks and set up the next area.  This way you have time to adjust to the changes in your life as they happen.  It’s greatest gift is to aid you in achieving your goals in many different areas of your life – family, career, health, romance, fame, children, mentors and more…  and the more energy you put into creating this matrix, the faster and more powerful the results.

One way to think about it is an energy pattern you are creating to serve your desires. I like to visualize it as blue light… forming a specific energy and drawing my intentions to me. If you choose to change everything at once – then decide all your preferences prior to setting up the pattern. This way your focus will be clear.  Also, you may want to schedule some appointments with a counselor, because everything is going to change at once. Alternatively, when you set up one area at a time, it makes the transitions much easier and more enjoyable.   😉

You are welcome to print out this map for your own use.  You can temporarily set it in the middle of the room to help direct your actions, then remove it once the pattern has been established.  If can be used on each room in your home, on your land, in your office, etc…  The directions have been listed below to help and if you have any questions, just email me.

Copyright 2012 Aliya Trinity


  1. Stand in the center of the room. This represents your inner being – your existence – your life – your “I AM” presence.
  2. Balance & Ground yourself – going into a meditative state. In this place you are the center of the storm. Peaceful, calm and decisive.
  3. Using the map, turn to each direction and set your intention – allow all your senses to participate in the experience and open your heart to feel what you are creating.
  4. If possible, place an item in that area that signifies your intention. A statue, a painting, a rock, a photo, etc…. For example, you can choose 8 stones of the appropriate colors and place them in each area. It is important to understand the stone doesn’t create the energy- it holds the energy you place within it.
  5. Direct this pattern to continually support you until you remove or change it.
  6. Stay in a place of allowing the changes to occur and accepting them when they do.

Here are some examples of items you can place within each area….

Northwest area is for Mentors and statues are great ideas!

Colored Stones can be used in each area to hold the energy of your intention.

The Northeast area would benefit from a meditation chair, bookshelf or other item that symbolizes knowledge, self study and meditation.

Here is the romance painting…. on the left.

Namaste’ dear friends!