Naked is Best

Why do we have to wear clothes? I know my mother told me I wasn’t allowed to be naked…. but why not…? I loved to be naked! And that bible story of hiding in fig leaves doesn’t make any sense because why would a loving and perfect God give us bodies to be ashamed of? Hehehe… aren’t we in God’s image? See how weird that concept is?

Let’s be for real here. Ask any 2 year old and they would DEFINITELY prefer to be naked – in public or in private! It doesn’t matter to them… until we teach them shame…. and then that shame carries with them throughout life – everyday, in every moment – it is ever present. Why do we do this to our children????????

Granted, I am not really interested in seeing most adults without their clothing because… well, because shame doesn’t breed beauty. However, I do wonder, if it was customary to be naked, would we take better care of our bodies? Would we be more aware of our environment? Would this make us better neighbors, more alert to another’s needs? Would our priorities change if we stopped hiding from ourselves?

One thing is very clear, most of us were born thinking naked is the BEST!