A Dream of Starsong

an April dream….

The stars filled the sky as their starsong filled my ears.

A song of warmth and love and intimacy –

perfect in every note – perfectly in harmony.

One song cycling into another

as existence continues within each moment.

I melt into this song of love

rising and ebbing in it’s flow.

A completion, beginning, journey, completion, beginning, journey.

In a circle it continues – a rising light, a new level

spiraling towards understanding,

bringing compassion.

A beautiful angel, who has forgotten and is now masked by fear, asks with disdain

“Who are YOU to hear such beauty?”

I smile and in love I reply

“I am a child, waking up, remembering who we are”.

Then my voice opens and my own starsong starts… in strength and perfection

and I wonder who am I to sing like this?

I remember – I am love.

The stars join in, sharing in this song.

Together we sing.

Our voices rise up – powerful – meaningful – loving – filling everything.

I know I am worthy, for I am love,

releasing all else, my heart cries out…. SING.

Yes – I completely release –

my body is full

my voice sings out loud – in a universal language – a starsong.

I marvel at it’s beauty, it’s compassion.

It is everything,

a love spiraling

through all spaces and time.

It is I AM.