Awakening of a Young One

Imagine for a moment that the path we walk is of our choosing, whether planned prior to this life or in the current state of walking. And until we accept this path as one of our making, we look to place blame outside of ourself, and without acceptance, we live in misery.
When a deep knowing our of true nature and purpose are released from an unlocked heart, the heart expands and accepts the truth allowing you insight to see each moment from a higher place of understanding; releasing expectations and moving into acceptance. Realizing the acceptance of responsibility when we make this acknowledgement, we step into our power and our inner peace.
Acceptance brings peace.
Then the unfoldment of the path is one of Divine wonder, joy and love… and the beauty of the song of our soul sings throughout the fabric of time and space, throughout the folds of reality, into all the angles of dimensions with the awareness that I AM and the Great Spirit rejoices in the awakening of the young one.