Smell Everything

I am reading a novel of Aboriginal Wisdom and just wanted to share this small little morsel…

Smell everything first. If someone tells you something, smell it. If it smells all right, then try just a little for the taste, but always chew it. Chew for a long time before you swallow. Even words should be chewed for a long time before swallowing because it is much easier to spit something out than it is to get rid of it once you have already taken it in. If you accept words within yourself and the idea is not right for you, it will cause problems. It will cause lumps and bumps and headaches and chest pains and stomachaches and rotting sores until you get it out. Fortunately, with food it is easier to vomit or have running bowels and be over the mistake quickly. Ideas and beliefs are more difficult to expel. You see, there are things the world is doing that have caused much of life to be altered. It is best not to assume that something that appears normal or simply looks okay will be, in fact, safe.” 

Smell Everything.