A Life of Purpose

People area always asking me, “What’s am I suppose to be doing with my life?”   The answer is simple “Have a life of purpose.”   So, if you don’t have clarity in your life, it’s time to wake up to your dreams and desires; to wake up to your joy and bring purpose to your life. Of course, I can’t tell you what to do, but I can help guide you to finding your own answer. 🙂

STEP 1: Relax in your inner joy.

Let’s begin by just relaxing and letting all your thoughts of worry and stress and doubt go. Just close your eyes and spend a few minutes focused on your breathing. Focus on the in and out of the breath – over and over again – remembering we are Spirit. Much greater than just our body. We are also a child of the Divine – always loved.  Right now we are living in a time on Earth of great shifting and we feel a need to fix things, however, remember all things are in Divine timing. It is exactly as it should be for right now and if we wish to create a joyful experience in our society, then it is in joy that we make the changes.

It is not in need or in anger or in disgust that we change anything. Instead, it in through a playful creation of choosing something you enjoy for this life. Just try to image life as playful as a peaceful existence. What would that feel like?  Focus on your joy and your happiness – feeling it deep within you – and promise yourself that you will hold that feeling for the rest of the day – that it will remain at the core of your being. Focus on the breath again, the in and out. Focus on your fingers and toes – wiggle them around a bit and Now, when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.

STEP 2: Making a List of Joy.

Now, let’s take a bit of ‘me-time’ to identify who you are, what you feel and what makes you happy in the development of your LIST OF JOY. Write down all your talents, dreams, passions, loves. For instance…

  1. I love to dance
  2. I make healing herbal products
  3. I love to play with my children
  4. Painting restore my love of life
  5. I am great at gathering people together
  6. I’m a natural leader
  7. etc…

STEP 3: Making a List of Concerns.

It is easy to see differences in our world when comparing it to the peaceful world of our imagination. However, the peace is here, we just need to grow it.  As you look out into the world, into your life, you recognize things that don’t feel right. Start writing what these are and create your LIST OF CONCERNS. If it doesn’t feel right to you, put it on the list. You might be adding to this list for several days, weeks or months.  Just take it one step at a time. (The following is an example of someone starting a LIST OF CONCERNS)

  1. My boss is abusive towards his employees
  2. The rainforest is disappearing, so are the trees in my neighborhood.
  3. The chemicals lacing our food is excessive.
  4. Drone attacks are inhumane
  5. Society is too separated, fences between neighbors, invisible lines between nations, etc…
  6. There is so much judgement – all people, regardless of their religious or life-style choices should be treated equality, as long as no one is harmed.
  7. etc…

STEP 4: Imagining Solutions.

Next, see if you can imagine solutions to any of things on your LIST OF CONCERNS.  Pay attention to which things are most important to you and also note when your HAPPY LIST offers part of a solution. This may take a while… just be patient and give each item the attention it deserves.

STEP 5: Choose 1-3 items of interest.

Now you have clarity to things you would like to change and are able to change.  Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to fix too many problems. You are only one person and success is easier to achieve when you are focused on just a few items. So, choose 1-3 items that meet the following criteria…

  1. You see the problem (it’s on your SAD LIST).
  2. You can imagine a solution.
  3. You have strengths on your HAPPY LIST that enable you to achieve results.
  4. And you can do this in joy and happiness.

STEP 6: Developing the dream.

These ideas are in a delicate state and can easily be destroyed if shared with the wrong people. They might bust your bubble, taking away your confidence and your power. So, only share these ideas with your friends or family that can be trusted to support you.  Talk about the solutions, how they are achieved, how you could do it, what it will look like and how it will feel when it’s completed.

STEP 7: Bringing it into physical.

Take action to do create something to represent your ideas and dreams in the physical world. This may be a painting, a diagram, a model, a proposal, etc…

STEP 8: Build support and interest.

At this point you will usually be strong enough in your ideas and plans that you can start sharing them with everyone who may be interested. Perhaps they may want to help or support this plan.  Perhaps they just need to know what you’re doing so they don’t think you’ve lost your marbles.

STEP 9: Have fun.

Be a joy creator in rebuilding our world. After all, if we all chose to live in integrity and inner joy, then imagine how happy our neighbors will be and how accomplished we’ll feel when we’re at the end of our life, looking back.

Blessings on your journey.