One is Illusion and the Other is Truth

What is at the core of a person? What motivates the voice they hear
when they are alone. This is the voice that talks to us all the
time, it analyses, it predicts, it’s logical, it’s calculating,
and it’s usually hiding it’s fears deep inside, lost in confusion.

It radiates the
essence of fear.

It might be the fear of losing a job, or losing children, family,
home, career, life, of hunger. It’s speaks to us of a fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, and at the core of it all is usually the fear of pain and the fear of death.

These are the fears people have and walk around with every moment of every day. Most of the time, we hide them well. We tuck them in so deep that we can not even hear them unless we’re alone and quiet, so we stay busy. We work longer hours, we keep the family busy with activities, we turn the tv on or find anything to distract – a new project, a new endeavor, a new book.

We have developed these fears over time, conditioned from childhood and
they aren’t simply going away because we have built our life around them.
We have made our choices from a fear based platform.

When you learn through fear, your whole life is based upon control and manipulation.

You must go to school or else.
You must obey or else.
You must repent or else.
You must listen or else.
You must work or else

This fear has permeated our life for many, many years and we have
built our personality and made our choices around this essence of
fear. If we do not make changes, then we will continue to live from
this place of fear. Fear is part of the realm of forgetfulness…

As you awaken from this realm and begin to remember, you must go
through the process of cleansing these programs. Releasing them and

It is a reprogramming of our thoughts and this takes much awareness
as you analysis each thought and belief to find its origin. Was
this thought your choice or did someone implant it?

Choose the ones you will keep, choose the ones to remove and AS YOU

Now, you are consciously choosing to change the energy of fear to a
new vibration – the higher vibration of acceptance, of compassion,
of love. As you release the fear, this process will bring you back
to the truth of who you are. You are not a being of fear. You are an
eternal being of love, temporarily lost in a fog, a veil, an illusion of

Practicing ascending techniques begins to change our vibration,
eventually returning to our truth, a core of love. As we become more
conscious of our choices and we practice shifting our vibrations
we become different.

The confusion begins to leave as we begin to remember. Our essence
changes, our understanding grows, forgiveness releases the bonds and
we are light and free.

No one or institution is needed to control us any more as we step out into the world to achieve those things we choose – in full respect of others and a desire for a greater world for all life.

It takes just as much work, constant reprogramming, constant
awareness and releasing. It is about remembering and trusting
again. It is about accepting the truths around us, just as
they are, instead of wishing for them to be different. It’s about
deep honesty and authenticity in every step of life.

However, once love is there, fear is no longer, because they can not
be in the same place at the same time. You can not be in true fear
and in true love at the same time.

One is illusion and the other is truth.