Ascending Initiation in Raleigh

Ascending Initiation’ offered in Raleigh… 

Monday night, Feb 25th at 6pm – ‘Ascending Initiation’ is in Raleigh, NC. Let me know if you want to join us. Learn to see auras with your own eyes, balance the chakras & quiet the mind with a heartsong. It’s a remembering of who we are – leading towards a stronger union with truth and a more intimate relationship with Divine.

Here are the three topics we’ll be covering in the class (3hrs). Let me know if you wish to participate. 

  • Balance the Chakras –  aligning your chakras is essential for restoring balance to your life – the truth of your energetic self . Learn a 10 second technique for aligning your energy fields and regaining inner peace.
  • See Auras with YOUR Eyes – Sometimes it’s easier to believe when we can see, so when guidance asked me to start teaching this technique, I really wondered if everyone would be able to see the aura. So far, everyone has! We’ll take turns looking at each other’s auras because seeing the different energies is a beautiful experience.
  • Silent HeartSong – This is deep healing for the heart – teaching the mind to quiet so you can feel the love of Divine. The heartsong is a gift that helps get you through the hardest times of your life. Where ever there is pain, grief, despair or overwhelming stress – the heartsong relieves the pain, freeing the heart, bringing sweet relief.

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