Song of Existence

Once upon an astral travel, I was about to jump through dimensions and angles to follow a spirit through the fabrics of existence. Not knowing where I was going or how to get back, I turned to my guide and asked, “How will I find my way back?”

Then my ears opened to the most beautiful song. “This is your song” he said. “You can always hear it, just follow it home.” He was right. I could hear it, no matter where I was, and it easily drew me to it just as warm butter merges with toast. It was a song created from the merging of my energies into the form that I inhabit now and it was and still is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

A friend recently sent me this video of the singing plants and it reminded me of my song. Such heavenly sounds… I wonder if all of creation sings such beautiful songs. It seems very likely. A Song of Existence.

Can you imagine hearing all the trees, plants, animals, people and even Earth herself, singing a song of life. In some realm out there, someone is hearing these songs… and what a beautiful experience that must be.