When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”  Sri Chinmoy Ghose

I have always loved this quote. Jimi Hendricks said it many years later and it has spread across the world.

I feel it has been happening on a small scale for a long time…. but now, it’s happening across the world and we are seeing it…. as each heart awakens to the love within. It is in the heart that love begins and this love creates a peace that spreads from within to as far as we desire.

People are beginning to see that we do love each other…. and are realizing it is our governments (or a power controlling our governments) that are so bent on power and destruction.  Will the Middle East truly find peace? If they can find peace then surely everyone can find peace and yes, it will be found within the hearts of the people.

Even our chakras speak to this truth. For many years our societies have existed in a power struggle. It is a solar plexus power that is out of balance as we have used our power against others and for our own gain. As more and more people balance this energy and begin to use their power for the betterment of all, the heart chakra begins to open and as it opens, we experience a love so deep and profound that is can actually feel painful to the body. We begin loving everything in our life. Loving the trees, loving the neighbors, loving strangers…. this is the power of love.

When Jesus said, “Love your enemies”. This is the pure love he was talking about. It is a love without condition. It is a pure love for you – because you are you – because you are special, unique and different from me. Once we love our enemies, our enemies disappear and new friends appear. He was speaking on ‘living in peace’.

The following video is showing the heart of the people of Israel. Within the voice of this man you can hear truth as he is confessing his love for the people of Iran… he is a beautiful image of love. Many people in Iran responded so beautifully to this video with their own confessions of love for Israel and for life – just look it up on youtube. 🙂