Is it worth it?

Yes, I have experienced family and friends, including my parents, turn their back on me because of the choices I’ve made in my life. They do not understand what I am doing and they are frustrated I’m “throwing my life away’. When I look in their direction, I see their pain and wish to restore their joy, yet they are closed to me and I can not live my life for them. I can not change their choices or remove their sadness, it was already there before I made my choices.  I ask, “Is this worth it….?”

Then I look out and see your hearts, your joy and the awakening of those precious hearts that are healing.  Those lives that are forever changed, those hearts that are healed, those who have regained their joy and regained their inner peace, their connection to source. You are awakening to this divine universe… and I ask “How could I ever stop?”

I walk this path out of love. It is not for the financial gain or the physical property or the approval of others.  I do it completely, authentically for you – and in helping you, we are all enlightened – for we are all one.