Following the Call

San Antonio lights up the sky 70 miles away and as we drove into this huge city, we wondered what world we were entering here in Texas. Interstate 10 had carried us all the way from Florida and the journey was of continued surrender, not understanding how or why, yet clearly being guided in this direction, so we continued, following this call. As the city started to come into view, a beautiful human angel called us to offer a night’s rest out of the cold before beginning our presentations the next day at the Unlimited Thought Bookstore. With temperatures in the low 20’s, a warm bed and home was a blessing to our hearts and bodies.

The next day, the beautiful family of Rudie and Zet of the Celebration Circle welcomed us for the remainder of our visit and it became clear that this colorful house carries the heart of the Celebration Circle as friends and organizers for the circle rotated in and out, everyone knowing this welcoming presence exist for them. Zet has filled the home with her gifted artwork and Rudi’s heart is clearly seen all around in these unusual towers of stacked stones encircling the home.

As we entered this stone circle, Zaanti and I were both a bit giggly to see someone with awareness of the stones, recognizing once again the synchronicity of this harmonious world and yet we wondered how people lived within the power of this circle. We were soon to find out as on the second day of our arrival I began experiencing intense stabbing pain in my middle back area and several other symptoms that led to a trip to Santa Rosa Hospital for proper diagnosis. After many test and several confused looking Doctors, they told me that I was physically healthy and no problems could be found. Whew, relief and confusion…. I quickly released both of those and went to rest.

I love puzzles and once I was feeling better, we started piecing this together. I had been in the process of clearing issues within my solar plexis area, the same region that sent me into the hospital the day before. A quick check on my aura showed this was still the case. My prayer had been for a quick release of those emotional issues and although the sticky yellow I had been carrying for several days was still present in my aura, it was quickly lessening and as we looked around this beautiful home, we realized the stone circle had created a vortex and was accelerating everything within it. The clearing within me could have taken weeks or months, instead it was cleared almost overnight and the pain was from the suddenness of the shifting, showing us, once again, that our emotional body can and does have real effects on our physical world. If I had not wished to clear this issue and shoved it back into the many recesses of my world, it would have eventually manifest into a physical issue. Fortunately I am learning to pull these hidden pains out to release and clear. Yes, the emotional and physical pain from this release is real, however, to know it will be gone, I will be lighter, less blockage, more clarity…. for me, it is well worth it.

A human angel we met several days into our visit in San Antonio, Ellen, had a beautiful way of explaining this symbiotic relationship between our emotional, mental and physical bodies – she spoke how the physical body is gracious and will take on any mental or emotional issue we are not wanting to face. Zaanti says it a little differently… “if you don’t accept it now, you’ll be surrendering it later.”

We are seeing it happening all around us. The Sacral and Solar Plexus regions are going through a global cleansing and many people are experiencing issues connected to the kidneys, the reproductive and urinary systems. All around us we are seeing person after person with major issues developing in these areas and we know this hasn’t just happened overnight. It has been developing and it’s all part of the shifting – a clearing of the old residues, preparing for a new awareness. What a blessing that the energy fields comprising human life are beautiful, complex and completely within our range to see and understand.

For all those experiencing this cleansing, here are some recommendations to help smooth out your transitions…

  • wear lots of red, orange and yellow. Bring these colors into your life and state to your whole being… “I am, I feel, I can.” Say it until you feel it deep within.
  • Strengthen your connection to Mother Earth by going into nature and communing through your heart to your surroundings.
  • Bring fresh fruits and veggies into every meal and show your gratitude for their gifts. 50% of your meal is great – 70% of your meal is better…. ;-). Eat proteins and grains as your body indicates it’s needed.
  • Allow yourself the freedom to express your creativity through your art, your passion and your pleasure.
  • Find the major item you have been avoiding, the one you don’t want to do… and complete it.
  • Breathe completely in and out… stop holding your breath… relax the body… and breathe deeply into the belly… remembering to exhale completely… with focus.
  • Allow yourself to be at peace… accepting “even this is in Divine order.”

In our time in San Antonio, we spoke with over 100 people and 22 people participated in our event – seeing the colors of the auras, receiving a heart song and hearing the ascension message of the stones. These methods just peeled another layer from the individual veil. As more and more people open to the truth of existence, our world is no longer flat or even round, it is now alive in joyous flowing waves of energy. It’s really just as shift of inner perception, for the awareness and the joy have been there all the time.