Learning to Live in Harmony


Our society is still enacting a story that cast us as the ultimate rulers and the planet as a foe to be conquered, denying that we live on a breathing and moving planet, denying she’s alive and instead, living in fear that our lives can easily be disturbed by changes in our environment.

I have noticed that in the process of waking up to more peace and beauty within our moments of NOW, we are also waking up to a level of respect and love. An intimacy is formed with even the simplest of things. I have become intimate with the bumblebee on the flower… intimate with the mug holding my tea… intimate with the tea… intimate with everything in my surroundings.

It just makes sense to me that we should learn to live in harmony with the planet. Learning how to heat and cool yourself naturally, how to forage and how to live with earth. This isn’t about fear, it’s about being wise enough to learn to live on the planet you were born on without destroying it in the process.

As my love increases, my respect increases and my connection to our planet increases. My moment of now expands and time slows down. Things become brighter, I can see clearer, my heart is open, I am listening… connected with everything.

Here, in this place within me, there is peace. There is compassion and friendship deeper than any I have known before. My heart joins with mother earth and I feel her.

This PEACE is the truth of our existence, free of dogma and human-made rules. In this awareness, there is love for our differences, not just acceptance. It is true, pure love in it’s most perfect form. There is beauty in all things, even in our ‘problems’. We begin praising our joy… and our trust is completely restored.  We dwell within a place of knowing all is well and always is!

Man is not himself only….

He is all that he sees;

All that flows to him from a thousand sources….

He is land,

The lift of it’s mountain lines

The reach of it’s valleys.

~Mary Austin

orange tree